About our reviews

Reviews on Fancyapint.com

How do we arrive at our reviews? What are the criteria we use to asses pubs? What can you do if you're a landlord or manager and you're unhappy with a review?

About your "pint" rating

Any pub with three or more pints is a good one. We rate pubs from zero to five pints; three pints and above are in the top half. And there are plenty of times when a two pint rated pub or even a one pint pub is fine for certain occasions or for a quick pint.

It’s free advice you can use

Our pub reviews are free advice you can use. Paying attention to the comments our reviewers make can pay pidends - improving your pub can bring more punters through your doors - and our audience is made up of people who are going to the pub. Pubs can often move up one or two pints in our ratings if some basics are fixed. Sometimes a poor review is a result of a poor experience, although we know this can be caused by factors beyond a landlord or manager's control.

Make the internet work for you

Whatever we say about your pub, you can tell it your way with your own website. As 100’s of people will look at your Fancyapint? review every month, by linking your own website to ours, you offer users more information about your pub.

And now you can “Claim a pub” and tell things from your side, as well as update details we may have missed or that have changed since our last visit. You can also add photos, video and menus for download.

You may not influence our users or reviewers that way, but your Fancyapint.com review will be updated more frequently and people can make up their own minds.

The combination of our review, your information and more frequent updates will result in more visitors through your door and we’ll send you traffic reports to prove it.

Errors, corrections and updates

If we have reviewed your pub and have spotted a factual error in your review, or things about your pub have changed, please use this form or email the editor at:  editor@fancyapint.com.

Our responsibilities

First and foremost we have a responsibility to publish reviews that are honest, accurate and legal - reviews our users know they can trust. Fancyapint? users depend on us to give them the best possible information so that they can have a great time when they go to the pub. Indeed, we have many emails from them telling us we do get this right. However, we are human and sometimes we get things wrong, if that's the case get in touch with us and let us know.

Our second responsibility is to you, to ensure that what we say about your pub is fair and, as far as humanly possible, true.

Review criteria - how we go about reviewing pubs

It's important to know how we review pubs so you can understand why we said what we did about your pub. Our reviewers have visited thousands and thousands of pubs over the years and we've got a good idea about what makes a pub work - and from the emails we get it seems our users agree with us. All our dedicated reviewers understand our review criteria and new reviewers don't get published on fancyapint.com until we're sure they do. To ensure we get the right balance anyone can contact the person who wrote a review directly, by email, simply by clicking on the reviewer's icon in the review.

It's also important to know that at fancyapint.com we don't have an agenda beyond helping people have the best pub experience they can. We're all lifelong fans of that great British institution and cornerstone of UK society, the British pub and we want pubs to continue and thrive in the 21st century. With the threat of constant closures, all we’re hoping for is for pubs to be better - we want all pubs to be great! We share that enthusiasm with people all over the world - more than a quarter of the people who visit fancyapint.com are not based in the UK.

Not that we don't think things can't be better, that's why we have our rating system and top pub awards. We want to recognise and reward those pubs that go that extra mile, putting in a special effort to make the pub-going experience such a joy for us. And those we feel haven't done so well, we want them to improve - it can only be good for business after all.