Best Bar None

Best Bar None

Best Bar None - the accreditation scheme for pubs, bars and clubs in the UKBest Bar None is an award scheme supported by the Home Office aimed at promoting responsible management and operation of licensed premises. Currently running in over eighty locations across the UK, Best Bar None is now being taken up in parts of Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

The composition of each local scheme varies, to meet local needs, but generally is run by partnership of police, local authority and fire safety officials who assess licensed establishments to a national standard. Premises that meet the standard receive a Best Bar None award and there is fierce competition between establishments to achieve the highest scores and gain a “gold” award. A number of London boroughs – notably for us as we've worked with them: Brent (Wembley), Camden and Kensington & Chelsea – now operate Best Bar None schemes, with more starting all the time.

Participation is voluntary, not all pubs and bars have the time or resources to take part in the comprehensive assessment, but more and more do apply each year. If you’re visiting a borough that operates a Best Bar None scheme, qualified pubs and bars will display a plaque bearing the Best Bar None logo and the year and level of the award.

Here at Fancyapint? we feel anything that helps pubs to improve the way they are managed and operated is a good thing. It encourages improving standards and reassures us, the pub-goers, that we’re in a safe and well-run environment. We have supported Best Bar None schemes for the last three years and continue to be involved closely with the scheme on national and local levels.

Best Bar None schemes are generally run annually and at different times of the year depending on the local scheme – the list of qualifying pubs is never static; soon you will be able to find which are Best Bar None pubs on the  site. You can also find more information about the scheme at