Frequently asked questions

What does registering allowing me to do?

Registering with fancyapint.com gives you access to a whole host of additional features, not least, the ability to leave your reviews comments on your favourite (or not so favourite) pub and invite others to meet you at a particular pub.

You can also personalise your public profile with as much or as little detail as you prefer, add an icon and include your details in member searches (still in development).

We will also be adding the ability to personalise your homepage so you always go to the same area, if you desire, or to allow you to add lists of your favourite pubs or pub crawls.

How do I add a pub?

Simply click on “Add a pub” in the top menu bar. Once there, you can fill out the details of a pub or bar you want to add to the site, including where it is on the map. Once you’ve done that, you can add anything else you think people will want to know, including: style of pub or bar, any features (like a pool table, outdoor space, waterside location), events (a quiz, live music, poetry nights, etc) and opening times.

Clicking on “Update details” adds the pub to the site. More information is available here.

Once you have added a pub to the site and entered its details, navigate to its review page to add your thoughts about the pub. 

How do I claim a pub?

“Claiming” a pub gives the landlord, manager or owner the opportunity to update and/or add more information to their review. Simply click on the link in the pub’s review page which is located down the page on the right hand side. Once you’ve provided your details and clicked that you’re the landlord, the pub will show as “claimed”. You can then add and update information, photos, menus, videos and more information on your pub. More information on the process is available here

Please note: this should NOT be used by anyone but the landlord, owner, manager or a representative of a pub

How do I dispute a claim?

If someone has claimed your pub or bar and you don’t know who they are (or if the pub has changed hands) simply click on “Dispute claim” and fill out the details requested, including the reason as to why the previous claimant isn’t correct. Once we have the information, we’ll make a decision and get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I report an abusive/incorrect/fraudulent comment on a pub or bar?

To report a comment you feel is incorrect, abusive or fraudulent, simply click on “report” at the bottom of the comment. 

How do I add photos?

Once you’ve registered with fancyapint.com and signed in, all you have to do to add photos to your favourite pub is go to the review page, click on “Edit” in the top menu bar. You’ll get a page with the pub’s details. If you’ve no changes to make to it, just enter the captcha code at the bottom and click “Continue” at the bottom. 

On the next page, simply click on “Choose File” and browse to where you’ve put the photo you wish to include. Click on “Update details” and the photo will be uploaded. When it finishes and you click on “OK”, you’ll be taken to the pub page and the photo you added will be visible.

Please note: You must NOT upload images, videos, text or any other intellectual property without the express permission of the intellectual property’s owner. More information on our photo policy is available here.

How do I become a reviewer?

In the first instance, just start putting comments on the site. We do monitor the comments and when we see someone who fits the Fancyapint? style, we’ll contact you and see if you fancy becoming a reviewer. There’s more information here.

If you don’t hear from us as quickly as you’d like, you can always email us at editor@fancyapint.com to prompt us.

What’s “Let’s meet here”?

Let’s meet here is a handy way to meet up with friends in a particular pub. Just go to the review page of the pub you want everyone to go to and click on “Let’s meet here”. You’ll be taken to a page where you can invite your friends either by email or by creating a Facebook event.

How to contact Fancyapint?

The best way to reach us is via email at editor@fancyapint.com, be it suggestions, comments or other things we can help you with.

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