Feature your pub

How to feature your pub on Fancyapint.com

Question: Fancyapint.com is about going to the pub - how do you make sure our users go to your pub?

Answer: Get your pub featured on Fancyapint.com!

We currently offer a limited number of places on the homepage where your pub could feature - right up front where visitors will see the pub right away. We have a few slots available and you can include your pub there for a limited time for the low price of £99.99 a month!


Feature your pub

Feature your pub on fancyapint.com today!One of our new tools is the ability to feature your pub on map pages. Your pub features alongside location, station and visitor attraction maps, giving your pub pride of place.
Now available from as little as £25 a month, this new facility promotes your pub to people who are actively looking to visit a pub in your area.

We do offer discounts for six or twelve month contracts and flexible payment options are available - call us today and find out more on 0870 760 5670 or email us on sales@fancyapint.com.



“I knew some of my customers used Fancyapint.com, but was surprised advertising on the site had such an effect on my trade. We’ve easily made 10 times the cost of links and we expect to be brisk even in January.” - Tom Helliwell, The Woodman, Highgate