Getting there

Getting there and going home

The London Underground - the oldest underground railway in the world!Getting where you’re going and getting back are obviously important, and if we can help you do so safely, so much the better.

In London

In London, the obvious way to get anywhere is the tube. However, this doesn’t run all night, and if you want to stay in town a bit longer, it helps to know what other options you’ve got for getting home.

Journey Planners for London

We're is great for planning journeys in London and the rest of the UK. All of our review pages contain a link for you to use to plan a journey to a particular pub. They cover most modes of transport, from trains to river shuttles to walking directions! The planner has been invaluable in our meanderings and we heartily recommend it!

Transport Direct, a free service You can also use Transport for London’s Journey Planner  - it will help you find your way to most things and will also help you get back. This is based around the Tube, but also includes bus routes and most other London transport options, where applicable.


Transport for London's Journey Planner - also usefulYou can get night buses that go to most destinations, and they’re fairly easy to find. A good way to plan your journey is to use the TFL Journey Planner.


CabWise - text CAB to 60835It’s notoriously difficult to find a cab in some parts of London between 11 and 12 at night. However, there are lots of options for finding a taxi and having a number you can call often makes it easier to find one. If you’re stuck and have a mobile phone, simply text the word CAB to 60835 as part of their CabWise service, and the phone numbers for two local licensed minicab operators plus the taxi one-number will be sent direct to your mobile phone. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Other options are available in our Don’t drink and drive section.

Elsewhere in the UK

Getting around in towns and cities elsewhere in the UK is usually easier than in London, due to the relative sizes in comparison to the Capital. Public transport may or may not be available to get you to your destination, but most towns have some kind of taxi service, should you need it.

And as previously mentioned, Transport Direct's Door-to-door journey planner is excellent outside London, which allows you to plan your journey from wherever you are to wherever you are going and the return journey. It also gives you a variety of options, including walking directions!

Late night

Or you could always phone home...Public transport should be taken into consideration when you’re drinking late, since the tube and normal bus services in London start closing down around 11.30 to midnight. There may still be the odd tube after midnight (usually from central London outwards), but it’s a good idea to check the last train listings before you leave the station.

Night buses, while fairly dependable, can also be crowded (often so packed you can’t get on) and full of people in the same state as you! There are plenty of black cabs around, but, if you travel any distance, owing to recent changes in the fare structure, you might need a second mortgage to pay the fare.