Be a Fancyapint? reviewer

We're often asked "how do you become a reviewer?" The answer's actually quite simple - and even simpler now - you post some pub reviews.

Of course not everyone's style matches ours, so before people go off on a pub safari we ask that you post a few reviews on the site to see they fit in with the tone of the site.

In this section you'll find some guidance on our style, to help get you started. It's mostly commonsense stuff, but it will give you an idea of our style and approach.

The two most important points for being a reviewer are:

What we’re looking for

We're looking for about 150 words on a pub, answering the basic question: What's it like? It doesn't have to focus on any particular aspect (e.g. beer or food), it's just whatever strikes you as remarkable - or otherwise - about the pub. It's the kind of things a knowledgeable friend might tell you about a place you don't know... read more.

How to submit a review

It’s easy. Go to a pub you want to leave a review for and click on “Add your own review”. This takes you to the page where you can add your review of the pub and a rating. We keep an eye on all new reviews and comments and if you catch our eye, we’ll convert your review and add you to our reviewer list.

Alternatively, if the pub or bar is not yet on the site, you can add it. Of course, to avoid duplication, you need to do a thorough check to make sure it’s not already on the website. The best way to do this is to search by postcode and address - otherwise, if it’s changed its name, you may not immediately find it.

Once you’re sure it’s not on the site, click on “Add a pub” at the top of the page and follow the dialogues through the next two pages. And then when it’s added to our database, you can add your review to it. More help on this process is here.