Using Let's meet here

“Let’s meet here” was another idea hatched in the pub - how do you meet up with friends at the pub you had in mind? Send them the details and the time and get them to confirm they’re going to be there, of course!

So using Let’s meet here is pretty simple:

  • Go to the pub you want to meet at.
  • Let's meet here - now!Click on the “Let’s meet here” button just above the pub’s details.
  • This takes you to the screen where you enter all the critical details, i.e. time, date and a message so they know it’s you.
  • Click on “Invite Friends” if you want to email them, or click on “Facebook” to create a Facebook event.
  • On the “Invite Friends” screen, you can enter email addresses for all your friends. (We’re working on an address book/import plugin, but it’s not ready yet).
  • You can also create a Facebook event at this point.
  • You’ll get a ‘Thank you’ message and you’ve sent the invite.

That’s all there is to it!

Organise your next get-together with “Let’s meet here”!