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Now with Vs 2.0, we’ve made it easier for you to add your own pub reviews and RATINGS for other users to see!

To get you started, here’s a few tips about what to write about when you’re talking about pubs. Simply put: write about what you would want to know about when you go to a pub and write honestly about what you’re looking for. And to us your feedback is important.

In brief:

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it honest
  • Don’t insult people

What we look for in a pub review

We're looking for about 150 words about a pub, answering the basic question: "what's it like?". 

It doesn't have to focus on any particular aspect (e.g. beer or food), it's just whatever strikes you as remarkable - or otherwise - about the pub. 

It's the kind of things a knowledgeable friend might tell you about a place you don't know. 

As well as your impressions and experiences at the pub, we need a few facts about it including:

  • Pub details: name, address, postcode, phone number
  • Review (about 150 words)
  • Your “pint” rating (see below)
  • Location details: District, city (if appropriate), county (if appropriate).
  • Pub features and facilities: eg Sky TV (how many screens, how big), pool table, outdoor seating, nearby tourist attractions. The full list is on the form.
  • Your alias - a pseudonym that identifies you as the reviewer of a particular pub, without giving away your real name.


You're probably familiar with our style, but you may find it helpful to look at a few pubs at random to get an idea of the overall FAP style.


The pub’s “pint” rating is designed to help people understand our opinion of a pub at a glance. A brief description of each rating is listed below, a fuller explanation appears on the ratings home page. Most pubs are two or three pinters; only very rarely are pubs five or zero pinters - every rating should be justified/explained by the review.

  • 5 pints – pub perfection
  • 4 pints – a very good pub
  • 3 pints – a good average pub
  • 2 pints – an average pub
  • 1 pint – weak in some areas
  • 0 pints – one to be avoided editorial policy

We will not publish anything we deem to be: libellous, racist, sexist, tastless, tacky or just plain boring. We don't publish personal rants and we can spot PR a mile off, so if you have to get something off your chest, please do it somewhere else.

Pub photos

If you submit photos, you can do so by email, but it's probably easier if you use the photo uploader. Contact us for the password, as we don't take unsolicited uploads.


You retain copyright on anything of yours we publish, but you give us the right to publish your work as we see fit. You can see our full copyright agreement here.


We don't pay our reviewers for their reviews: our reviewers are all volunteers who spend a lot of time - probably far too much - in the pub.

If you have any more questions about writing reviews for the site, email us at: