Quiz nights


Give the old grey matter a workout in these top pubs for a quiz.

One Tun, London
Without wishing to damn with faint praise, this was OK. The Porter was reasonable - first time I've tried Young's and it may well be the last. Staff were reasonably friendly and sport is a big part of this pubs' offering. Some pretty odd carpeting - slightly 70@s feel makes for an odd mix of...
Sutton Arms, London
A while ago now, this handsome pub was given the refurbishment it deserved and was brought up to 21st century standards with a bit of style and the right sort of attention to detail. On the hand pumps we have well-kept beers, and on tap a decent range of beers and lagers including including...
Richard I, London
As long as we've known it - and it's been a long time - Richard I has been a great pub. It's everything a good local should be. As you'd expect, it does excellent Young's beer, the service is polite, friendly and prompt and the food comes recommended. As it is a popular place, seats inside can...
Archery Tavern, London
A listed building it may be, but we doubt we'll ever see it as a pub again. After a long period of closure, it's finally reopened as a French restaurant called Angelus.