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The "pint" rating system

We give every pub we visit a "pint" rating ranging from five pints (the highest), to zero pints = six levels of rating. We don't do half pints, after all this is Good pubs are rated three pints and higher. Listed below are our criteria for these ratings.

Five pints

Fancyapint? five pint rating This pub is worth a special effort to visit, it will be in a good location, be architecturally interesting, serve a good range of well kept beers and food of a high standard and have a pleasant atmosphere. Whilst some pubs get close to this, this combination of unique features and high standards is unusual enough to make this a rare and special award.

Four pints

Fancyapint? four pint rating Whilst the four pint rating is awarded more often than the five, it's still a special pub that merits this. It is usually awarded for having a combination of some (but not all) of the features listed above. A four pint pub is worth a detour.

Three pints

Fancyapint? three pint rating This is awarded to decent pubs, that offer reasonable beer and food, have a pleasant atmosphere and are easy enough to get to. Whilst you might not go too far out of your way to get to one, if you're in the vicinity of a three pint pub, don't miss it.

Two pints

Fancyapint? two pint rating Many pubs fall into this category. These pubs may not have any outstanding features but are competent in most of the key areas. They have sometimes let us down in a small way - often not their fault - but nevertheless we felt they could be better. Two pint pubs are usually good honest, boozers and are often frequented by regulars and depending on the occasion, usually do the job.

One pint

Fancyapint? one pint rating These pubs sell beer etc, but somehow have managed to piss us off. It could be poor beer (or selection of beers), poor service (a common failing) or just frequented by a crowd of regulars that resent the presence of outsiders on their patch (another common occurrence). Go to these pubs if you're really thirsty and just can't get to the nearest two-pinter or better.

No pints

Fancyapint? zero pint rating Some pubs just don't deserve to stay in business unless they buck their ideas up.


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This symbol appears where a rating hasn't been given by a reviewer. This could be because the pub has changed hands and the old review no longer applies, or simply it's a comment that was posted on the old version of, when we didn't have user ratings.

Community rating

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The community rating provides an alternative view to our ratings. It’s handy when none of our reviewers have been back to a pub for a while, or if it's a pub we have yet to visit. Ideally, we’d like all reviewers to use our criteria (although not necessarily our score) when commenting on pubs. However, people often only comment when they have something very good or very bad to say about a pub. There may be a hidden agenda (sometimes not so hidden), so treat these scores accordingly.

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