Where to smoke

Legislation was put in place a few years ago to make all pubs, clubs bars and restaurants smoke-free zones, just proving the tide has definitely turned against having a pint and a fag.

Photo courtesy of, what we are finding is that more and more pubs, bars and clubs have a designated outside smoking area, if they can manage it, with the rest being relegated to smoking outside the pub on the pavement.

Of course, this is leading to a proliferation of patio heaters (good bad for global warming) and a plethora of marquees, tents, awnings and canopies to cover those poor souls who have yet to kick the habit. We’ve even seen of “outdoor” areas with tellies and comfy sofas!

The most bizarre report we’ve heard to date is that a local health care trust is providing stop smoking classes to help punters give up. You never know, you may happen across one in a pub you’re visiting.