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We've put together a number of video montages to give you a flavour of the pubs you'll find in a selection of popular areas and to show you pubs based on a theme.

Video pub guides to places

Covent Garden

Covent Garden piazza was commissioned in 1630 and was the first public square in Britain. It was London's central flower and fruit market until the 1970’s - although in the past it’s been the location for rather more nefarious activities.

Nowadays, Covent Garden is one of the top destinations for visitors to the Capital. It's a bustling, lively place full of shops, restaurants, bars and theatres.


Fleet Street

Fleet Street, the legendary street of shame, once home to the major UK newspapers, now only the ornate office buildings and pubs remain. Here you will find, along with a couple of Wren’s finest churches, some of the oldest pubs in London - many dating back to the Great Fire. Historic pubs whose patrons included Dr Johnson, Voltaire, Dickens and Mark Twain.



Formerly a leafy suburb of London, Hampstead is famous for its Heath and has been the home of many famous people including the poets John Keats and Lord Byron, as well as many authors including Agatha Christie, Daphne du Maurier, T S Eliot, D H Lawrence, George Orwell and A A Milne.


St. James

With its gentlemen’s clubs, art galleries and high-class tailors, the aristocratic St. James area is one of the most exclusive in London. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find many pubs here – in fact one or two of our reviewers’ favourites are hidden down the alleys and passages in this part of town.


Shepherd Market

Built in the mid 18th Century, Shepherd Market stands on the spot where the infamous fifteen day May fair was held until 1686 – giving the Mayfair area its name. The piazza and side-streets host a variety of boutique shops, restaurants and traditional pubs, only a stone’s throw from busy Piccadilly.



Next to Buckingham Palace, Victoria is most famous for it’s Station, opened in 1860 to give travellers easy access to Westminster and West End. Named after nearby Victoria Street, not Queen Victoria, the area quickly built up a proliferation of shops, office buidings and pubs to service all those thirsty travellers.



Home to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and Westminster Abbey, Westminster has a large concentration of London history at every turn. And that history extends to its pubs, although most of them are Victorian with a few gems included.


Video pub guides on a theme

Irish pubs

If you’re looking for a top pub to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day - or even if it’s not March 17th and you fancy a bit of blarney and a drop the black stuff - here’s a list of top boozers with an Irish heart.


Riverside pubs

On a hot summer's day. there's nothing we like better than a refreshing pint or two down at the water's edge. Here's a selection of waterside pubs in the West of London, that we think fit the bill very nicely.


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