What you can do

If you're treasured local is under threat (which ones aren't nowadays), here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started on a campaign to save it.

  1. Find out why. Is the pub being converted into flats, is there a application to change its use, or is being sold as a going concern?
  2. Mobilise local support – petitions will gauge the level of support, while any letter written to the local authority planning department needs to be taken into consideration by the planning committee. Gain the support of residents associations and any local trade associations.
  3. Start a Facebook group, set up a Twitter feed or a website - this will help you keep in touch with your supporters and reaches a wider community.
  4. Letters should focus on as many issues as possible, including the economic and social impact of the loss of a local amenity. They should be factual, concise and clear. Examine local council initiatives which claim to support local businesses or community sustainability and quote them in any correspondence.
  5. See how the Sustainable Communities Act 2007 can help your campaign.
  6. Gain any publicity you can. Local newspapers are a good start, while if there are any local celebrities happy to lend their support, this will inevitably attract additional publicity.  
  7. Email us at editor@fancyapint.com so we can add any information it to this page!