The Leg of Mutton & Cauliflower, Ashtead

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
"The Leg" as it's known has been on this site since at least 1667 and has doubled as a court-house, jail and post office among other things. There's rumours of numerous ghosts within its walls and no-one quite knows where that unusual name came from. Some say that jockeys from the nearby Derby would dismount and race each other to the pub - the winner getting a leg of mutton, the runner-up getting a cauliflower. The pubs's recent drop in form saw it plummet to a lowly one-pint rating but having visited here just before Christmas we were pleased to note a change in fortunes somwhat. It's far from its former glory but it's certainly taken a step in the right direction. God forbid this place should shut down and leave Ashteadians with the depressing choice of taking their beer in the Brewery or Woodman pubs.
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22 Jan 2010
Not rated yet! - Click for an explanation of our ratings
It pains me to say this but this pub was infinitely better when it was run by Bass in the 1990s. Since then, it's slipped from owner to owner who have left various marks on the place. As the reviewer rightly says, the pub's reputation fluctuates between good and rubbish with a concerning regularity. Right now, it's plumbing new depths. I can't vouch for its daytime goings on, but Friday nights are nothing like they used to be. The pub used to be packed with all sorts of people, young and old. There used to be a good juke box, a decent selection of beers and friendly staff (mostly antipodeans). Now, at night, this place is dark, largely empty and clique-central. It seems to want to be a late night music venue more than a pub. Bring back the old landlords who concentrated on getting punters through the door with good food & drink, a jukebox, dartboard and all manner of other things that people actually want from a pub, and not pandering to his own tastes and those of a handful of bachannals that spend every night of the week there. Hopefully "The Leg" will once again rise to greatness but not without a hell of a lot of work.

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48 The Street, Ashtead, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1AZ
01372 277200
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