The Funny Onion, Bridlington

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29 Jan 2012
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Love this place. Its exactly what Brid needs. Reading other reviews on this place, yes its not as cheap as weatherspoons or foresters or pubs like coachman but its not that pricey and really its not that sort of thing anyway. You dont go to have 10 pints. You go for a glass of wine or a meal. I go in once a week and its £2.99 for a Carslberg which is pretty middle of the road! I think clearly if you want a cheap pint there is cheaper places but considering its more of a restaurant or gastropub I think its pretty good value.

I love the decor, and relaxed atmosphere and adore the fact there is no pool tables, drunks, yobs, gambler machines, etc. The music is great too!

I think its the most family friendly pub Ive seen in Bridlington really - albeit its very quiet having just opened. We sometimes go in with the kids and prams during the day for a coffee and its very relaxing and chilled out. Its got high chairs etc when we eat and the staff cant do enough to help.

Overall if you want cheap booze, pool tables, darts, gamblers, etc, then coachman, londesborough and the normal pubs are best.

If you're wanting something more modern, something to eat, more relaxed, and good music then its the place to go.

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23 Jan 2012
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me and my wife like to eat out a lot (around twice a week sometimes more sometimes less)a few weeks ago a friend of my wife's told us we should give the funny onion a try and that it was very good if you where willing to turn a blind eye to the prices. So last week we decided to give it a go, we decided to take to take our two children and take advantage of the kids eat free offer. upon entering the first thing you notice is how cold it is inside (we didn't even take our coats off)the other thing we noticed was that the place was completely empty except for 5 old and rather drunk men this was very off putting because we had two young children with us and these men contined to swear and be generaly vulgar even in there presence.
now the food: i had a rib eye steak medium rare when it came i was unsure if it actualy was rib eye as it looked more like sirloin, it was also over cooked more like medium well than medium rare. my wife had a "homemade" burger but we where almost 100% sure there was nothing home made about it. it was also half the size of those offered at foresters or elgringos. the kids did enjoy their food but how hard is it to get fish fingers right ? on the plus side we did find the staff very friendly but this was over shadowed by the many negatives. all things consider we would recommend giving the funny onion a miss if your looking for somewhere to eat in Bridlington give Leo's,el gringos or the friendly foresters a try they are our favourites
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13 Jan 2012
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Absolutely unimpressed. My initial reaction was that the prices were very high but ordered in faith that i would be paying a higher price for higher quality. The homemade meals myself and several friends had were ok, but nothing spectacular the homemade quality they pride themselves on ( as it says on every window on the building ) i suspect wasnt actually homemade, i wouldnt be suprised if it even came from Tesco 30 seconds across the road. The food doesnt compare to for example the local wetherspoons which offers nicer food for a fraction of the cost.

The atmosphere was lacking, very empty but also very quiet with no music you almost felt like you had to whisper between each other.

As far as a restaurant goes its average at best. As a pub its a let down, poor seating very uncomfortable church pews ? Drink prices are very over priced, no entertainment ( TV, pool table, darts or jukebox ).Oh and one last thing, i happened to notice the above review from a mr redshaw, funnily enough the restaurant happens to be owned by a mr Redshaw.
Reviews (1)
09 Dec 2011
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Fantastic pub / restauraunt. We went there for a meal which was sublime...the best restaurant in Bridlington without a doubt. We've been since for drinks and pub quiz which have also been excellent. Great decor and music, and a really highly recommended pub in Bridlington.

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105 Hilderthorpe Rd, Bridlington, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 3ET
0787 253 6293
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