Fort St. George, Cambridge

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Fort St. George is a mixed bag. It benefits from a near perfect location, sat as it is right next to the River Cam, and is a genuinely characteristic olde worlde pub. With separate wood panelled bars selling a reasonable handful of ales and a large garden overlooking Midsummer Common a more perfect traditional pub would be hard to find. Well it would, except that its reputation precedes it and more often than not warm days and weekends mean jostling for position - any position - as it gets very busy. We reckon a weekday afternoon is the best time to visit this one.
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28 Aug 2008
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The fort St George has undergone major renovations in the last year. Thankfully the renovations have not destroyed the atmosphere of the pub, and have been a great improvement. I was very glad to see it had not become an all bar one lookalike.

The previous comment seems to come from a time very soon after they reopened, when the bar staff seemed to mostly be people who had never pulled a pint before and service was very slow. Things have improved greatly since then, and when I went last weekend it was good.

The location of the Fort has always been its greatest asset and its greatest liability. The riverside location in midsummer common is very pleasant, but on sunny summer days it can get almost unbearably busy.

All in all the Fort is a good pub and I am glad to live a five minute walk from it.
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06 Jun 2008
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DREADFUL! DO NOT GO TO THIS PUB!!! I went to this pub early on a Wednesday evening and found it about ½ full. There was a permanent queue of 6-8 people at the bar which didn’t seem to go down at all during the next hour or so, despite (or maybe because of) the three inept bar staff, such was their inability to deal with simple drinks orders. To order food, I was told to go to the food bar which was unattended. I asked a male member of staff - who seems to wander around doing very little - if anyone was on the bar and he told me very offhandedly that one of the girls would serve me. After 10 minutes I eventually caught one of their attention and ordered food; two starters and two mains from the specials menu.

I then went outside to our table. One hour later the starter arrived. Ten minutes later we queried the other and were told it had been put on the order as a main! It arrived 15 minutes later, brought over by the most obnoxious landlady I have ever met. When we asked for cutlery, she grunted something about getting a bucket from around the back of the dining area and left us to it! Half an hour later we asked the landlord if the main courses were imminent and he assured us that they would be right out. Fifteen minutes later, still with no main courses, I went and asked the landlady about it and pointed out the shocking service. Her reply? “Well, you try feeding 500 people” I pointed out that I wasn’t the one running a pub and asked her to either please ensure our food was out in the next ten minutes or cancel our order. She immediately snapped “Well, cancel your order, then”. Which I did. And left..

This is simply the worst pub management and staff I have ever come across. Rude, obnoxious, surly, indifferent with incompetent staff. We all have busy and stressful times but there is simply no excuse to behave like this. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

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Midsummer Common, Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 1HA
01223 354327

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