Plough, Cuffley

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Plough could've been a good country pub, but sadly for us ended up as distinctly mediocre. There's little wrong with the fixed assets here - it's an enormous McMullen's pub in leafy Cuffly, with a number of separate rooms, along with a dining space and a grassy garden. There was a more traditional, homely feeling than some of their other more tedious modernised efforts, so expect dark wood and swirly carpets in place. Service, too, was friendly while the usual compliment of McMullen's brews were on offer: our vote goes for the unimaginatively named but very tasty 'Cask Ale'. Really, it was only the locals who put us off returning in any hurry. They might've been a nice bunch, but they seemed to have the propensity for grumpy, suspicious staring, making this an unfortunate two pint rating.
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02 Sep 2009
Not rated yet! - Click for an explanation of our ratings
I completely agree with the rating, I just spent a week in Cuffly and found the same as the reviewer, could be better if the locals were kept under control and the pumps had sparklers on, they are a modern invention but work better that supercilious comments from the barman "this doesn't need it" the tight creamy head produced by a sparkler retains the appearance of the pint to the bottom and thereby keeping the flavour, or don't they teach that in barkeeper school, they could do with a couple of stronger ales which would be safe to serve as the lager/ AP toting staring locals don't have enough taste to use it. Closing time is an unfriendly and uncivilised procedure and the old traditional hours are rigorously maintained, strange folk theses southerners, especially the ones in London village.

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Plough Hill, Cuffley, Cuffley, Hertfordshire, EN6 4DW
01707 872193
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