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Filey is blessed with eight or nine pubs in a small area, and the thirsty tourist is certainly spoilt for choice. The Star is one of the cleaner and tidier ones - though real ale fans will be disappointed. It's had a relatively recent refit, and has the comfort of a gastropub but without the contrived air (in fact, it's not a gastropub at all, the food is little more than functional). It has a pleasant forecourt (pictured), heated on our visit. Inside, the leather chairs and settees are great for slumping into to escape the not-infrequent rain in these parts. However, the pub gains a black mark for the incessant "you're-not-from-round-here-are-you?" stare the landlady fixed on us. Staring back did not even work, and whilst we are more than big and ugly enough not to be upset by such behaviour, it never fails to grate. A pity, for the atmosphere both the decor and the clientele radiated was a warm one.
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28 Apr 2015
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The star in Filey is a nice looking pub ,we visit it every time we go but as yet have never had a hello or how are you off the landlady ,its a shame because we like the pub and would use it a lot more, there seems a little click of people like the magic circle you arnt allowed in , but all the other pubs treat you like locals which is nice,the food in star seems ok the beer ok so we will pop in now and again because of that ,talking to others out and about we are not alone others saying the exact same ,hopefully there will come a time when someone else gets to run the pub and will make the customers more welcome as no pub in filey can reley on just locals alone
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15 Jun 2013
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As much posh this pub looks fr outside, we decided to have pub lunch before our Filey bird park visit with children, gave orders and took drinks to sit down with children (4 of them under 5) , 90 minutes of wait time made children go restless and after repeated requests and enquiry with stewards they lastly confirmed that this is home run pub and only 2 chefs prepare food, very very disappointed with service and after 2 hrs we got our order. ... I would highly recommend to avoid this pub if u are hungry or with kids, taste of food is not great too after this long wait ...
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07 Jun 2011
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Visited this pub with friends for dinner. Asked if the pasta 'special' had a cream sauce and was told that it did. Said I didn't like cream so would have the risotto instead. Risotto arrived in a cream sauce! There was no apology, no offer to give me an alternative dish and was still charged for it even though I couldn't eat it! Was furious - took the waiter aside to have a quiet word with him and to tell him that his menu should state that the risotto came in a cream sauce to save others like me ordering it and he couldn't have cared less. Whoever heard of risotto in cream - should be cooked in stock! Needless to say that I won't be visiting this pub again and will certainly be telling others not to do so!
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15 May 2010
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We have just returned from a 5 day visit to Filey, and i have to say 'The Star' was such a good find for drink or food. The staff were all friendly , the bar and restuarant and toilets were all clean and well presented. The food was so good and the menu varied, that we actually ate there three evenings running.

Would recommend 'The Star' to anyone visiting Filey, and would like to thank all the staff for making our evening meals so pleasant and tasteful..

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23 Mitford Street, Filey, Filey, North Yorkshire, YO14 9DG
01723 512437

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