The Britannia, Gillingham

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Not the roughest pub we have ever visited by any means, the Britannia nevertheless has an edge which could make even a fellow Kentish Man feel uneasy, were he not from Gillingham. It's very much a men-drinking-pints kind of place, and not for the young or trendy, who tend to prefer the Southern Belle a couple of doors down. The barman was spirited enough, proffering that a large diet coke (it was the afternoon after a heavy night) "wasn't very Christmassy" and suggesting he add a double something or other. The jury at the bar concurred, and whilst it all remained fairly jovial, we sensed that these were not people to get into an argument with. The pub has a somewhat dated feel - maybe it was the Quo's greatest hits on the jukebox, maybe the lack of recent refurbishment. Catering seems to be bring your own (eau de McDonald's wafted through at one point). The Medway is a tough region, not without its social problems, and this is a tough boozer.
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07 Jun 2011
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Being a female, I am always wary about entering a pub either with a friend or alone. This pub is right in the high street at the station end. One day I was so thirsty that I decided to take a chance and go in for a lovely long drink. The atmosphere when I entered was very happy and friendly. I went up to the bar and was served by a very cheerful barman and I felt at ease at once. The main feeling for me in this pub was that I felt safe. No hassle. No heckling. I was left in peace to drink my drink, eat my crisps and leave. I have returned time and time again and would highly recommend this pub to anyone. If I was with a group of friends, this is the place I would head for for a trouble free night out.

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158 High Street, Gillingham, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1AJ
01634 850967

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