Owl, High Beech

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Owl is a large, sprawling pub in Epping Forest with a great back garden offering fantastic views over the countryside. There's been a pub here for centuries and even though the current building is 20th century, it still feels traditional, with lots of dark wood and leather chairs. There's a couple of well-kept McMullen's ales, but the food is hit or miss, due probably to the industrial scale of demand. It can be a bit family oriented - the bouncy castle and rabbit hutches are testament to that - but it's still a good place for a drink and there is an air of civility which not all McMullen's countryside pubs possess. Popular with walkers, we wondered if the officers at the police training facility over the road come here after work. There are also usually a few regulars to be spotted; despite its overwhelming rural appearance, there are a fair few houses nearby. Overall, the perfect pub to rest after a hike through Epping Forest.
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17 Nov 2011
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Ok for a pint on a hot day as the location is great, but poor food and lacks an atmosphere.
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21 Aug 2011
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Very nice pub, my family and I ordered a Ploughmans board, which comes with extra thick slices of ham, blocks of cheese, bread, onions, pickle, etc, and also ordered a Sunday Roast, and a bowl of Nachos. It was quite filling and we would definitely go back there again! Normally most pubs give you basically a bag of chips and small amount of dip for £5 but one bowl was enough to fill me up!
There are 2 zones for parking up on the hill, and they have lovely and friendly bar staff. It can be a little difficult to know which is the right turn to take but that goes for all of High Beech really. Would highly recommend a visit.
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25 Apr 2010
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I walked to this pub today and upon approaching we saw that it was child and dog friendly with bouncy castle. Excellent I thought. Unfortunately one particular employee did nothing for customer service. A request for the cheese in a jacket potato to be melted was responded with "We don't melt cheese." Hmmm. A worrying sign. I then ordered a burger (which came with chips). I asked if it was possible to have curly fries. "No it is not possible", was the response. I know the best thing to do as a customer is to remain nice to win people over rather than be rude. So I asked nicely if possibly they could on this occasion. I was told the system won't allow it. I pointed out that I would gladly pay the extra. Again I was told it was not possible. I pointed out that surely it was possible for one of their great chefs to simply cook and place some curly fries on a plate instead of straight cut ones. The middle aged blond hair (bob-cut) lady retorted, "Yes, we could do it but we don't, we have never done it and won't do it for people and I am not starting it for you".

Try and guess on the quality of food.

Please anyone, choose to spend your money in places where they value you as a customer.

I will not be returning.

The pub was not overly busy, other staff were friendly enough but there is no excuse for this experience. A shame because the location is fabulous.

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Lippits Hill, High Beech, High Beech, IG10 4AL
020 8502 0663

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