Babelas Continental Bar, Leicester

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Queens Road has undeniably smartened up in the last few years and Babelas is among the best, and probably the most bohemian, of the bars, cafes and restaurants that have moved in. The small street-level area is welcoming and friendly, unless you spend too much time staring at the freaky faces on the wooden sculptures that adorn the one wall, and it would feel rude to stop for less than a couple of pints. Gulpener is among the interesting lager choices, with two real ales for bearded members of the community, and wine drinkers have nothing to complain about either. The windows on the front open up to make the summer months more pleasant, while if Babelas looks busy don't forget to check out the upstairs area.
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25 Jul 2014
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Some good real ale on tap (not just for the bearded) and served well. Never experienced the previous reviewer's issues, all pints I've had have been properly full. Wish they had a bit more substantial food on than crisps & nuts but a minor thing given all the local food near by.
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31 Mar 2014
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This is a bar normally run well. That is until Andy has any involvement as bar manager, the bearded out of work full time father totally frustrated by his tedious life. He refused to top up a pint of lager even though the serving was below the line on the glass something no bar person would ever refuse to do for any customer. I offered to pay extra just to save any argument and yet he refused obviously unwilling to do work below his station otherwise in life as a trained hypnotist or assistant teacher. Despite the difference of opinion he also refused to make friends adding to a ruined evening at my expense having paid good money for food and beer. This individual does not deserve to work in a customer facing role!

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77 Queens Road, Leicester, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 1TT
0116 2707744

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