Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Old Thameside Inn has become well established on the tourist trail, this once overlooked Nicholson's pub is now a hive of activity most of the time. And why not? With fine views of the city from the riverside terrace (if you can get onto it) and a decent range of drink and food on offer it's certainly a place you'd give a try if you came across it on holiday. But it's very popularity is what lets it down, when there's a crowd in - which is more often the case nowadays - it can be a thirsty wait.
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25 Apr 2014
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We had read the reviews and were looking forward to seeing Darren's performance, but despite a couple of plaintive emails to the establishment in advance we couldn't ascertain if he was going to be there. Typical Darren!
So we turned up on spec. Well we got within spitting distance and then a wave of sanity washed over us and we carried on to the Anchor which was far better.
Sorry Darren, maybe next time.
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25 Sep 2013
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Absolutely awful, will never go there and again and I will be actively dissuading anyone from going here. The staff are appalling.
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05 Jan 2012
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Food and drink were perfectly adequate, but oh dear what was the matter with the staff? One girl gleefully told us they had no more tables for half an hour (but failed to spot the one behind us in the other section) another brought our food out and then ran before we could ask for anything and all the bar staff were busy rearranging glasses when we tried to order. Pubs like this don't deserve to survive, but sadly they will because of their location and the passing trade this brings them. Avoid.
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07 Aug 2011
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It’s such a pity that the staff of this lovely pub located on the bank of the Thames is so rude and unpleasant!
A friend of mine and I called in to have lunch after seeing a performance at The Globe, so it was after 3 p.m. We managed to find a table on the terrace and were going to enjoy a pleasant lunch enjoying the view of the riverside. I went to the bar since at that time waiters didn’t take orders. After waiting a quarter of an hour in the line I was queue-jumped by a guy just before my turn. The barman called Darren served him the beer, but I didn’t say a word avoiding confrontations. Then I started ordering.
To begin with, I asked the bartender to recommend me an English beer, but he served me an Italian one, since –as he explained- he hadn’t heard the part of “English” and the Italian was his recommendation. He didn’t want to serve me another pint since the Italian one was already put in the glasses. When I was going to ask for the meal he asked the number of the table, which I didn’t know and I told him I was going to check this. He replayed that he wasn’t going to wait for me because of the queue. I asked whether he could take my order when I’m back without making me wait all the line again, but he said no. I asked for a complaints book, and he answered that I had to wait till he attend all the people in the line. That Darren guy was unhelpful, rude and unpleasant all the time.
I went back to the table and find its number, it was put in a small dot on the corener of the table. It seemed to be a normal practice in English pubs, but we weren’t avare about this. Eventually my friend and I decided not to drink the Italian beer we paid for and to have lunch in another pub enjoying local food and beverages.
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05 Jul 2010
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I've visited this pub on 3 occasions and each has been disappointing with the latest showing the staff to be so rude and unhelpful. I called in with 3 friends for Sunday lunch. Starters are advertised on the menu, but I was told in no uncertain terms that it was impossible for the kitchen to deliver starters and main course separately (despite their menu claiming that they aim to deliver a first class service!). I asked to speak to the manager about what seemed like a ludicrous situation and he had more attitude than the staff.

The good thing about the location of this pub is that there are many better places within a 5 minute walk.

I highly recommend you try somewhere else for a much more pleasant dining experience.
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14 Mar 2010
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Not too crowded on a Sunday afternoon, snappy service and fair food. A great place for an outing.

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Pickfords Wharf, clink street, London bridge, london, SE1 9DG
020 7403 4243

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