Aces and Eights (ex Bar Lorca), Tufnell Park

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
As the fashion for blues and rock bars continues to spread around North London, Tufnell Park can now boast Aces and Eights. Have replaced the bland Bar Lorca, the transformation couldn't be more complete. Notice initially the posters of Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane where the windows used to be and the high backed booths around the edge of this wedge shaped room. The jukebox reflects the poster choice, with plenty of classic rock and blues to choose from. This is the kind of place where you want to prop up the bar, perhaps pretending you're in cinematic version of a Midwest American backwater. Indeed the beers come courtesy of Blue Moon, Goose Island and the Brooklyn Brewery, while the bourbon choice is decidedly impressive. If you're hungry, then pizzas are available, although the prices are a little odd: at 7.95 for a 12" or 15.95 for a 16, you many as well buy two 12" pizzas. As you walk away from the bar, you'll also notice, amongst the flags and neon signs, a few bras hanging from the ceiling, and pictures plastered over the wall which very much indicate this isn't somewhere to bring your kids, or elderly relatives. Add live music plus a late licence and overall we really liked it here.
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30 Nov 2011
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Been here a few times and really liked the music (Blues, Rock, and indie), spirit selection (decent range of whiskeys and rums on the backbar), a decent US craft beer selection and the general vibe (slightly contrived, but passable dive-bar feel).

However will never go back again since suffering the rudest barmaid ever (mixed race girl with tattoos) last Sunday. Everything that is wrong with the worst sort of bartenders - arrogant, bristling aggro, inability to make a simple classic cocktail (a daiquiri) even though it was on the menu, and then then worst sort of couldn't-care-less attitude.
When we said we didn't want the strawberry daiquiri she'd made, having ordered a plain daiquiri, she got defensive and confrontational - "you should have read the menu before you ordered then". When we pointed out the normal daiquiri was on the menu she just said, "Oh yeah, that's the menu from Slim Jim's we don't do that here", and still wanted paying for the wrong drink.
Her colleague, when we asked to mediate was pretty spineless, just backing his work-mate up even though she plain lied about what she'd said. Can't really blame him for loyalty, but again a 0/10 for customer service. I get it - it's a rockers bar. Doesn't mean you've gotta be bitchy with your customers though. Would explain why it's so empty so often. It seems that apart from a hard-core of rockers and goths the rest of us are just not welcome.
It's a real shame, cos the European goth looking girl who had served us on previous occasions was a real sweetheart, but I'm not one for exposing myself to crap service and rude attitudes, so I won't bother with this place again.

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156-158 Fortess Road, Tufnell Park, London, NW5 2HP
020 7485 9308

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