Alderman, Harold Hill

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After a (short) while in here we found ourselves wondering just how awful this pub is, in comparative terms. Is this the worst pub in Harold Hill? Certainly (though the competition is intense). The worst pub in Romford? I suspect so. The worst pub in London? Quite possibly although given the provincial outlook commonplace up here, and self-definition of much of the local populace, headcases among them, perhaps it could in fact be the worst pub in Essex. The motto of the clientele appears to be 'why talk when you can shout?' (This is the edited version.) Whereas the saloon bar is merely rough, the laughably-named public bar is rough and tough and has had enough. We were careful to avoid eye-contact, and did a double-take when we overheard a bloke talking about a woman 'getting itself pregnant'. What's it all about? I wouldn't wish even ten minutes in this dive on my worst enemy.
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17 Nov 2011
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This is a 'local pub' with 'local' customers. It might not be The Ritz but people are friendly and always up for a laugh. Although sometimes people may shout at each other rather than keep to a dull tone it certainly has 'character' and pubs are for socialising not reading books. Barstaff are always friendly aswel. I think the above review is out of date and needs to be updated.

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46 Chippenham Road, Harold Hill, London, RM3 8HX
01708 345359
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