Angel Inn, Highgate

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Angel Inn is a pleasant 1930's panelled suburban pub interior that's been given a not-too-harsh modern stripped-out treatment - olde mismatched tables and brown leather sofas were very much in evidence. It sports a good range of ales and foreign lagers so it's easy to imagine coming here to relax with one of their complimentary newspapers. The bar service is quick and friendly, despite being filled to capacity on our weekend visit. The food quality appears to be deteriorating, however - a problem which appears to be effecting a number of other Mitchell & Butler pubs. Due it's popularity, the noise levels can also occasionally reach annoying crescendos, but despite this (and the food) we're keeping it as a three pint rated pub for the time being as we enjoy spending time here.
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31 Jan 2013
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Beers very expencive and food is mediocre.
Not the best atmosphere either. The smoking area is at the door, not a pleasant way out!
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22 Feb 2012
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Good atmosphere, but absolutely diabolical portions of chips! Geez guys, how much is a sack of spuds these days? A £1 , £2? In fact, they probably have no idea since I was severed chips of the microwave variety, and in a sauce bowl! That's right folks, a f---ing sauce bowl, which equates to a gob full of chips, and charged the princely sum of £3, with a plastic bottle of tomato ketchup, encrusted with hardened sauce around the opening! Come on Oliver, sort it out mate, let's have a return to classy, decent portions and serve your chips in a basket, along with the nice creamy sauce (not the special sauce variety either) you used to do.
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15 Sep 2011
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A tad overpriced, and the low tables can be annoying, but the beer's very good and the 30s interior is beautiful.

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37 Highgate High Street, Highgate, London, N6 5JT
020 8347 2921

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