Artesian Well, Clapham Common

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
With an interior that is almost pure theatre, the Artesian is probably more club/bar than pub. Granted, you can get a pint here - as well as crepes from their in-house creperie - but the emphasis is definitely on music and party nights at the weekends (it's only open on Fridays, Saturdays and bank holiday Sundays). We'd have to say it's probably the most interesting pub conversion we've seen for a long time. That said, it's not the place for a quiet drink. If it's your thing, there's free entry before 10 and it appears that it's the place to be on the Wandsworth Road.
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27 Nov 2013
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I am appalled to hear that the Lambeth council is trying to close The Artesian Well and Lost Society on Wandsworth road because of couple of moaning neighbours. These venues are the best that Clapham and South London has. The Artesian Well is such a great venue and is well respected by us clientele. Lovely crowd hence the reason I visit this venue on a regular basis. This venue is the soul of Clapham and if closed Clapham will deteriorate. There are already many boarded up shops, betting shops, pound shops and homeless all over the place in Clapham which is turning the area for worse. The council should praise successful businesses like The Artesian Well for attracting young professionals and bringing wealth to the area. If these venues are to close I would be moving out of Clapham with immediate effect. It is a dull and grim place anyway and has changed for worse in the last three years. From being a desirable place it is turning into a miserable place. Hope the council realises this before it is to late before the issue is reversible.
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06 Nov 2013
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I heard about Lambeth Council trying to introduce EMRO restrictions on Clapham bars.Artesian and Lost society are great venues. They are the best in town nothing like the high street tacky places where the clientele are actually rough and rowdy. I have visited these venues many many times and I always had such a great night on such a safe environment. These venues close early enough so enforcing the restrictions will only put them out of business. This will have a big impact on community and the Clapham as a whole. This will only push young professionals away from the area and demote the area. It will have such an impact that will make Clapham unattractive. There are people all over the world that talk about the Artesian Well and Lost society. These venues should be respected by the council and neighbours as they are by us costumers. They are the soul of Clapham and the South London. Artesian Well isn’t just a place to go and have a drink it is so special that soon as you step inside its like you are on a different world. The multi million pound décor, the greeting and friendliest staff of the the venue make this place the most amazing I have ever visited. The Clapham and London will loose its sole without this venue. It will be a tragedy. This venue is a place where people enjoy and get to meet each other in such a safe environment. Everything is so cool about this venue and the council should go there and see it themselves before they decide to shut it down. This will only have a big impact on local economy and demote the area to such extent that the word is spreading already so quick. Artesian is so special to this community and the whole Clapham area. These venues are the reason me and my friends live in Clapham and without them I would really consider living in this area anylonger. Closing such a successful and well known establishments will be a huge mistake for the council and the whole are. These places are iconic.
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15 Oct 2013
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Nice atmosphere and thanks Arian I loved we had few Patron caffe shots great night really really enjoyed amazing place nothing like the boring places on the high street.
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02 Oct 2013
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Cool place so different to any other I have ever been. My friend recommended to me for my birthday and definitely great choice. Loved the music on all three floors just never got bored so many rooms… thanks to all the staff very polite.

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693 Wandsworth Road, Clapham Common, London, SW8 3JF
020 7627 3353

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