Babushka, Farringdon

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posted by septic on 31/3/2005

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Although it'd be tempting to slate this place as a further unwelcome example of chain bars invading outer central London and of ill-thought-out wannabe semi-where-it's-at watering holes in Farringdon, it, perhaps, wouldn't (quite) be fair to do so. This branch of Babushka is, at least, far superior to the even more corporate bar that was here a few years ago. The current proprietors have made some attempt to deal with the site's major challenge, namely the size of the room, which makes generating a cosy atmosphere hard. So, now there are nice soft red curtains, candlesticks, sofas and designer chairs and stools, and some, partially successful, attempts made to create discrete, and sometimes discreet, areas out of the expanse. There's also a DJ many evenings, playing some fine music (we heard Prince's "I Feel For You" and Mtume's lost classic, "Juicy Fruit") just a little bit too loudly for comfortable conversation. There's also a happy hour' offer on cocktails, and such like, weekday evenings. Somehow, though, we didn't quite feel as relaxed as we would have liked to have been here. While there are far worse places to drink (very) nearby, this is too generic by far to be worth going out of your way to visit.

Closed - a few legal notices on the place.

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25 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, London, EC1M 3HA
020 7405 6214
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