Bag O' Nails, Victoria

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Just a couple of minutes from Victoria Train station, this is another pub rebranded as part of the new Taylor Walker group in an area with no fewer than seven of them. Cornering the traffic-heavy Lower Grosvenor Place, it appears slightly less busy than other pubs in the area. Sure, the after work crowd fill it up at the expected times, but a recent pub crawl around Victoria found it to be the only place with seats available at 8.30pm. Inside, it's quite pleasant: the heavy red curtains, subtle lighting and dark wood panelling make this a good winter pub. The number of hotels nearby mean it can become extremely popular with tourists; a preponderance of American visitors tucking into generic pub grub on our visit seemed to enjoy it here. Staff are notably courteous and chatty, while the choice of beer (5 ales on the pumps) was pretty good. Overall, a good pub either for a swift one if the trains have gone pear-shaped, or a longer afterwork session.
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04 Jul 2011
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Arriving back from holiday via Victoria Station, and having a few hours spare, I thought I would explore some of the pubs in the area and grab a spot of lunch. A quick look on Fancy a Pint revealed no '4-pinters' nearby so i plumped for the Bag O'Nails.
Suspicions were first aroused as on approach it appeared to be a Nicholsons. However, it turned out to be something worse - my first encounter with a 'Taylor-Walker'. Walking in from a summer's day, the place was incredibly dark and dingy - to be fair I am sure it's more appealing in the evening or winter. Then again, a TV was showing Channel 4's 'Supernanny'. It was lunch time and there were many tourists eating sub-Nicholsons fare - however there were only a few people waiting to be at the bar and 3 bar staff so it was a bit much for it to take over 10 mins (literaly)to get served. I tried the guest bitter - (Wherry) which was pretty awful, so went for a Bombardier which wasn't much better. After sitting outside on an incredibly uncomfortable chair for 20 mins I decided that it was probably best to move on, only to find the next pub, 'The Colonies' was another Taylor Walker! Seems they have bought up half of Victoria...

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6 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 0PP
020 7828 7003

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