Bricklayers Arms, Putney

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
When we previously looked in on this place we took its choice of Timothy Taylor beers as a sign that this was a regular thing. So when we turned up this week expecting to see pints of Landlord and their other wares on sale we were rather surprised that there was no TT to be seen. Instead, and this wasn’t disappointing, their 12 pumps were adorned with badges belonging to micro-breweries from all over the place. We won’t bother mentioning them here because by the landlord’s own admission, he’s running a pub which appears to be a rolling beer festival, buying entire ranges of beers from various breweries and just sticking them on. We were there during a loyal-to-London-breweries week so a vast array was available. We even heard a fizz drinker ask the barman “what lagers have you got”. The answer he got didn’t include any recognisable names (wot, no Carlsberg?!) which was also music to our ears. Cider and perry drinkers will find their tastes catered for sufficiently as well. So, guess what, this is a great pub for drinking beer, but its efforts would be for nothing if it was without great service, decent food and a warming fireplace in winter. But, oh yeah, it’s got all these as well. We’re sorely tempted to upgrade this place to a 5-pinter but there’s something about the place that’s slightly lacking. It’s not much, but these accolades can’t be given out willy-nilly. Even so, it’s as close as it gets. Pay these guys a visit and reward them for their efforts. They’ll reward your thirst in reply.
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18 Dec 2012
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Decent selection of good ale on tap. interesting interior decor too, with dried hops hanging aroudn beer festival posters. Staff rather indifferent though, didn't really seem to care whether we drank there or not.
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25 Jun 2012
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I hate to disagree with the previous reviews on The Bricklayers but I visited it today 250612 and only one pump out of nine was active. The excuse was "it had been a busy weekend" with a nonchalent take it or leave it attitude. Having walked from Wandsworth Town via several pubs all with sufficent stocks of beer I find this deplorable. For a pub proclaiming its credentials as Best Pub for this or that year this surely is not good enough. I knew The Bricklayers when it was a Timothy Taylors house and never experienced this shortage of beer before. I hate writing negative reviews but in this instance I feel it is justified.
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29 Dec 2011
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Best pub in South London, bar none. Fantastic choice of ales, and all expertly looked after by a staff who clearly know their business. Was chatting to the landlord and she tells me that soon they're hoping to start brewing their own ales in the spring of 2012. Given the expertise she's brought into the project and her own intelligence and enthusiasm I've no doubt this will be another success to add to what she's already achieved there. All in all a fantastic place, the kind of real ale pub, local CAMRA members were dreaming about for years.
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26 Jul 2009
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An outstanding pub for spot-on real ales that you won't come across in most pubs. Four Timothy Taylor ales and four other ales were on this afternoon (Sunday, 26th July 2009). My wife and I sampled/shared four of the above and they were all delicious.

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32 Watermans Lane, Putney, London, SW15 1DD
020 8789 0222

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