Britannia, Cannon Street

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Patronised by a healthy mix of suits and civvies, the Britannia has several things going for it. It's right by the Monument, ensuring you can't miss it. Secondly, depending on what you order it can be very cheap - two pounds for a pint of Carlsberg, which fell to one pound when ordering food: indeed, it's not the first time we have experienced an apparently whimsical pricing policy here. Thirdly, for aficionados of American football, it's a handy place to go on a Monday if you failed to stay up to watch the Sunday night game on Sky - they seem to have highlights on permanently, and on several screens too. The beer selection is predictably unimaginative, but they do at least have Landlord. It's clean and tidy, although the stairs down to the underground bar reek of stale smoke (the lower entrance on Fish Street Hill leads more quickly to the bar). Unfortunately, we found the food service poor. At GBP 3.49 for a burger one can't grumble too much, but we waited 25 minutes on a not overly busy Monday lunchtime, before enquiring and being told that the kitchen had "forgotten" our order, necessitating a 5-minute wolfing-down of the same.
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11 Nov 2012
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Visited this "restaurant" with my deaf friend. The staff told me they would not honour our 'Taste' card because we didn't book before our visit, but I explained that it's my friend's card and he is deaf, so cannot phone. He then got the manager who said the same thing, and refused to accept the card.
Having argued for several minutes with her about how "non-inclusive" she was behaving by showing a lack of discretion over my friend being deaf and not being able to phone, she finally agreed to honour the card.
I then asked the staff if upstairs had seating as it was noisy downstairs, and the member of staff said "yes, there is seating upstairs", so I sent my deaf friend up there only to discover that upstairs is outside.........handy on a night when it was about 5 degrees!! The staff member could have explained it was outside, as I had clearly not visited the pub before.

Quite why you'd want to "book a table" here is beyond me, as there are not many tables, and no real restaurant addition, the food was really average was greasy, nothing to write home about. Won't be visiting again.

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20 Monument Street, Cannon Street, London, EC3R 8AJ
020 7397 9851

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