Bull & Mouth, Bloomsbury

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posted by jack on 3/9/2004

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A Victorian pub that had that fake countrified look some years ago has since had some a few wooden shelves installed behind the bar in order to display bottles of wine, shots and alcopops - a sort of nod to the barification of pubs. It's not a remarkable place, its location means it is easily found by tourists and so attracts a very transient clientele. There are a few real ales on hand pumps and they're OK and the food is pretty standard stuff. Prices are what you'd expect for the area (being near the British Museum). It's the sort of place you use to meet newcomers to the smoke and daytrippers in and not much more. However the function room is handy if your guests are coming from the four corners of the capital. Some of you may remember this as the Falkland Arms.

A restaurant now occupies this spot

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31 Bloomsbury Way, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 2SA

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