Captain Kidd, Wapping

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Captain Kidd is a pretty respectable pub in a very good location. It's built in an old warehouse and you wouldn't believe it hadn't been there for a hundred years but it actually dates from the 80s - the 1980s, that is. It's a Sam Smiths pub so there are no surprises with the drink - it's well kept and very reasonably priced and the service is good. It has to be said the bar food is average and there's a restaurant on the top floor - still untried as yet by us, even after many years, we must do that someday. There are usually two floors you can drink on (the restaurant is on the 2nd), but sometimes the upstairs bar hosts private parties as do other bits of the bar and it's a good place for a party too. The Captain Kidd's u.s.p., however is its location - all the rooms have splendid views of the river, with large windows that open up in summer to provide a cooling breeze and there is a large terrace at the side of the pub that also overlooks the Thames. And now the Overground is fully open, people from Croydon to Islington can enjoy the bracing Thames air from here.
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05 Jun 2019
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A perfectly nice Sam Smiths pub, but unfortunately the barstaff are utterly useless and unbelievably rude. Don't expect to get served in order, or to be able to ask politely whether the upstairs section is open or even make eye contact with the bar staff without getting a barrage of sarcasm and passive aggression.
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25 May 2012
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A lovely pub with a fantastic location, we saw the pub from a river boat tour, and went back looking for it. You come out of Wapping overground station, turn left, and it is 100 yards or so down a coblestoned street. During the day, which is when we always went there, the front left table by the river windows is usually occupied by vocal and happy locals; the snugs against the far wall by solitary and seemingly serious drinkers, also local. That leaves a table or two by the river windows if you are lucky enough to get them; otherwise you are left with places that are not bad, but not great. We normally go there for lunch; the food is average/mediocre pub fare, but their fish and chips are good; the food is relatively inexpensive, so we went back several times while we were visiting London. The beer is the usual Sam Smith's, which for me is fine since I only drink the stout. The upstairs dining room is open on Sunday, and if you can get a river window you have one of the finest dining venues in London. Of the locals who call the Kidd home, there is one fellow who sits by the door: he and his dog -- one of those British breeds which looks like a pitbull on steroids. I don't think the fellow had him on leash, but then I did not look too closely as I edged past: this is the type of dog which attacks friend and foe alike, and eats children in London parks. I'm not sure I'd make the Kidd my local, but it is a nice pub.
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04 Mar 2011
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General agreement in Wapping that the Kidd has the best riverside views of all the pubs here and a large beer garden with cheap beer to enjoy it in. Great pictures from the summer on What's in Wapping website

The food situation isn't as good as it was and the Gallows restaurant is missed. But if you don't go there expecting a 5* meal it has a lot to offer ...
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17 May 2010
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A pub in a great position. Sam Smith's tends to divide people and I fall on the side of - it's almost a nice pint. The pub almost looks old, the clientele almost look like locals. It's almost a great pub but not quite.
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15 Apr 2010
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One of the most successful warehouse conversion around. Worth going just to see the David Dickinson looky-likey who props up the bar on a Saturday afternoon. Spooky.
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19 Mar 2010
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Lovely pub this. I went recently (Feb 2010) and the bar food is still horrible, but there's a nice atmosphere in here. Nicely decorated as well, and great outdoor area I imagine in the summer.

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108 Wapping High Street, Wapping, London, E1W 2NE
020 7480 5759

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