Chambers Bar & Grill, St. Paul's

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posted by beer_monkey on 27/2/2004

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I don't know if it's just us, but the inclusion of the word "grill" in an establishment's title automatically makes us suspicious of a place. It puts us in mind of those odd little places buried away in 1970s suburban shopping malls where you'd be assured of a good meal as long as you wanted burned steak, mushrooms and chips. But here we are in the early part of the 21st century and just down the road from the venerable Old Bailey, so can this place do anything to dispel the image? Well, Chambers is an odd affair -- rather strange location, quite spartan inside, and we couldn't help think that the space could have better used for a café or newsagents, maybe. At the bar itself, don't expect to be knocked over by an astounding range of drinks. There's the usual selection of lagers and Guinness, but not a real ale in sight. Well, this place does advertise itself as a bar, so maybe we shouldn't complain too much. As for the menu, well, pretty standard fare all with chips, at not particularly reasonable prices (almost 6 pounds for an omelette?). And the vegetarian in the party will be going hungry, unless they don't mind sticking to omelettes (maybe we are back in the 1970s after all). Overall, this place is a little odd, and we couldn't get away from the feeling that we were really in an estate pub that was trying hard (but not that hard) to prove it wasn't actually an estate pub. Maybe one for those who don't want to walk very far after work, or who have terminally low expectations.


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27a Old Bailey, St. Paul's, London, EC4M 7HS

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