Cheshire Cheese, Fenchurch Street

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Now a Fuller's pub (having once been part of the Nicholson's stable), this large, two-storey pub is located in the recesses of the railway bridge just outside Fenchurch Street station and within spitting distance of the Tower (with a following wind). The bar area can get pretty crowed at the usual times, but we found service impressively swift and thereafter retired to the less rowdy upstairs bar (although the bar itself is closed at the moment). Here, we found a serene, relaxing area somewhat out of keeping with the locality generally. There are two pool tables, but without the oft-accompanying boisterous atmosphere generated by would-be "Fast Eddie" office juniors. There are a couple of tables to the side overlooking Crutched Friars where one can while away one's lunch break in peace and quiet. There are also two semi-enclosed side rooms, though these tend to get commandeered by groups at the predictable times. Darts is available after 5pm. It's relatively cheap for these parts - Landlord was 2.85 and they have London Pride and IPA on tap as well. Overall, not a bad place at all.
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29 Nov 2014
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Went for lunch with my colleagues to this pub on the 28th November 2014 and it was the worst experience of customer service everyone of the party had ever experienced. Food and drink all ordered at the table at the same time but only 5 out of 8 received their food together. 2 people received their food 40 min later than the rest of the party and one order never arrived at all even if being in the pub 1.5h. In addition over 50 percent of the food received were wrong. The worst part of the whole experience was the attitude of the staff and their aggressive responses to any issues raised with the food or service. No one should ever go there again.
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03 Feb 2012
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Beer (Fullers, Doombar for example) quality was OK and this remains a reasonable meeting place close to Fenchurch St/Tower Hill, though it seemed to be less good than in yesteryear, but that could be the nostalgia talking. Traditional styling, eccentric location in the railway arch. Standard pub food menu with good availability thoughout the day. Would've rated as a 3-pinter but for the seemingly disinterested bar staff on duty when I was there. Now the watering holes on Minories have generally improved, there are several alternatives now that didn't exist in days of old.

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48 Crutched Friars, Tower Hill, London, EC3N 2AP
020 7702 1628
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Mon Fri 11am -11pm
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Your local pub in the heart of the city, we have an extensive range of reasonably priced chilled lager, wine and ales. Great food is served until 10pm, with offers on burgers, grills and curries. SKY Sports and ESPN show Premiership and Champions League football, cricket and golf. We have two SKY Sports boxes, so can show two matches at once. Our upstairs bar is suitable for private parties. Our pool table and darts board can help you to relax after a long day at the office. We are great for lunch, meeting friends or colleagues after work and evening meals.