The Coach Maker, Marylebone

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
When the people who ran the O'Conor Don on this spot shut up shop, they left a rather impressive act to follow. Unfortunately, the following incarnation as the Conduit of Tybourne, wasn't really up to the job and didn't last long - about a year - and yet again, this pub closed. Well we're happy to report once more the pub is open and, once again there's a change of name - welcome to the Coach Maker. Maybe our memories are a little hazy, but the new place doesn't look substantially different from the old - it's a smart modern, comfortable interior, with squashy settees in one corner and wooden tables and chairs. A dark wood corner bar dominates the room and hosts four hand pumps serving some interesting real ales and a good few other taps with lagers, continental beers etc. There's a good wine list and an extensive modern gastro menu with quite a few veggie options, on the large blackboard. However, despite the interesting menu, nobody appeared to be eating - the clientele (mostly couples) just sitting quietly with glasses of wine and pints. We did notice that, whilst the main courses were typically-priced for the area, the starters and puddings seemed to be rather expensive. (And the cheese board must have been something very special for the price). The service wasn't exactly speedy, but the bar people were polite and friendly, but it's early days for the Coach Maker and some things can be put down to teething troubles. As for the food, maybe people just weren't hungry that evening, or perhaps they were waiting for someone else to make the first move to sample the food, but we suspect price had something to do with it. A tentative three pints then, for the Coach Maker - for drink range, comfort, and effort (and bravery in these dark economic times). We will be back to see how it gets on.
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21 Mar 2010
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Looking for somewhere to eat this Sunday lunchtime we stumbled across this pub. Nice welcome, sat down, menus brought, drinks orders taken, then food orders, all by a nice waiter. Three soups, three main courses. Over half and hour later three mushroom on toast starters arrived, not what was ordered. Many apologies (the buttons on the till are close together apparently and mistakes, as we all know happen)the waiter went to take the incorrect starter away but not wanting another long wait, two of our party accepted this wrong order instead and as our waiter was very apologetic and said we wouldn't be charged for them we were still happy -ish. Sadly my soup took another ten minutes to arrive which didn't bode well, but again apologies from the staff, a different member this time. Within a minute of finishing my soup the main courses were on the table, not ideal, but as we'd now been here nearly an hour we ate. The food was good. Coffee and one dessert was ordered (although they ran out of ice cream) and despite the shaky nature of everything we were happy. Eventually our original waiter (who had vanished after the starters)re appeared and I asked for the bill. After another wait, when he did bring it the starters were all there. I reminded him he'd told us we wouldn't be charged. Again apologies, he took it away and came back five minutes later saying his manager has said he would only offer the coffees to be removed, not the wrong starters. I asked to see him. We were kept waiting a further ten minutes - ignored - after which the manager - and I feel this is were half the problems lie in this place - came to tell us rudely that we would have to pay for everything but the coffee. We informed him (the waiter had gone by now)of the poor service and the long wait, and were subject to more rudeness from him, saying we hadn't waited that long, that we accepted the wrong starters, and that they were very busy anyway and sadly it turned into a full scale row. Eventually I threatened not to pay anything and, after more unpleasantness the items were removed. I paid the bill, was given more of the managers lip, we suggested that the 'manager' wash his greasy long hair and we left, and as we did were told to "piss off".

Needless to say, we wont be visiting again.
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22 Feb 2010
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I visited this restaurant with my friends few months ago. I have to say I was most disappointed on a number of counts. Considering its prime location on Marylebone High Street the restaurant was completely lacking in atmosphere and quality. The general lack of organisation and poor service left me with the impression that the restaurant was simply not ready to open for business. I found the staff to be very amateurish and even rude. They were inattentive and some of them did not even know what was on the menu! I would imagine the overall quality has improved in recent months but I will not be returning to find out!
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15 Jul 2009
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First visit on Sunday 12/7/09. Nice looking pub on three levels, good ales from Marstons. Food, though not sampled, looked good. Ground floor and upstairs are lovely bright rooms. We are venturing back Saturday with a group of friends for a few drinks. Very promising
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12 Jul 2009
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Having lived in the Marylebone area for a number of years I have seen many changes of management at this location, and from what I've seen so far the Coachmakers seems to got it just right. My wife and I have eaten here a number of times and have been more than satisfied each time. The food is absolutely sensational, I particularly recommend the mussels with white wine sauce. If you're looking for someone with real character and a touch of class I can't think of a better place to visit. 10/10
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20 Apr 2009
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First visit after it has reopened. Service was pleasant and the food excellent. Our group enjoyed the evening. Will definitely go there again.

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88 Marylebone Lane, Marylebone, London, W1U 2PZ
020 7224 4022

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