Colton Arms, Olympia

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Secreted away in the suburban no-man's land of Barons Court, the Colton Arms has the feel of a village local. A small affair with a main bar and two tiny back alcoves and a wee patio garden at the rear; the rural feel stems as much from its original oak furniture and handled pint glasses as from the courteous bar staff. Such behaviour could easily result in a faux and touristy atmosphere, but there's nothing contrived here. With excellently kept beers - and the sort of warm and homely atmosphere gastropubs strive for yet seldom attain - the pub enjoys a mixed clientele and surely your patronage as well (and while we're at it, a preservation order wouldn't be amiss). On a recent visit here, a surprisingly-camouflaged flatscreen telly had been installed above the fireplace for Sky Sports enthusiasts. The cricket was entertaining the punters on our last visit. Despite this 'technological upgrade', the Colton Arms is still an out-and-out classic of a boozer. Just be aware that the pub shuts for the afternoon between 3 and 6 on week-days.
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19 Jun 2015
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The Queen's Club precursor to Wimbledon comes round again and with it my annual nostalgic ache to be back in The Colton (set in the back wall). As a regular in the late '70s it was a cracking pub then (when Jon was a lad and his parents - Norman & Dolly[?] were running it) and, reading recent reviews, it would still seem to be the case. I can only implore anybody seeking a West London treasure to repair here asap. Hopefully you won't be disappointed. Of my 25 years in London, the only pub I truly miss.
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09 Jan 2012
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I went to visit my daughter who had just moved into the area last weekend. We found this gem of a pub in walking distance and were bowled over. We live in a small village three miles south of Salisbury and are lucky enough to have two village pubs within a mile of each other so our delight in finding a small village type pub so near, for when we visit, was overwhelming. Great landlord, friendly locals - we felt at home immediately. Both of our Landlords could well do with a lesson in how to keep real ale in perfect condition. Can't wait to visit again, my daughter just may get sick of seeing me!!
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21 Nov 2011
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I have lived in the area for 3 years, and after having a pint in there, I am kicking myself I have not gone in sooner. I have meant to drop in for quite a while, and it was worth the wait. Great little spot off the beaten track, with friendly locals and landlord. It was quiet when I went in, but I think that added to the charm and novelty of the place. If you have not been, you need to drop in for a few pints!
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24 Feb 2011
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Having found the Pear Tree closed this Wednesday lunchtime we made a dash for the Colton Arms. Nearly made it, but with the clock striking 3.00 pm we were told they were shut. It might be a 5 star pub, but would-be customers please note that they have not joined the all day drinking regime.
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01 Dec 2010
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I have long intended to visit this pub, what with it being a permanent fixture in the listing of 5 pinter pubs. And I was not disappointed, this is a great, rare pub. I had arranged to meet two friends there, and they had arrived before me. As I entered out of the cold and just before the tube strike kicked in, my friends were in good natured discussion with the Landlord over the ales and the tankards that they had been served in. I ordered a decent pint myself, and the Landlord was inquisitive and concerned about how I got to the pub, and how I was to get home. I don't want to get mired in hyperbole and prententious comments, but this must be a rare place, if only for the jovial and welcoming reception we received. Surely less than 1% of drinking establishments in London are of this ilk. Up the Colton!
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05 Oct 2010
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I'm a huge fan of this pub. I've been here loads of times and always stayed longer than I'd planned. Whilst its fair to accept the theenglishmuffin's opinion and comments, I feel compelled to speak up for the place. I've never had anything short of a fabulous time here. The landlord and his regulars have always been chatty, polite and welcoming, and the whole experience has been one great pleasure. Indeed, it's my favourite pub in London. I would urge all other readers to take theenglishmuffin's comments as an instance which is unbelievably out-of-character for this place. And in response to sdavies, the pub opens at about 6pm. If you'd hung around a bit, the doors would have been open.
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03 Oct 2010
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Oct-10 pub of the month?! You must be joking. I've just walked in then straight out again. My fiancé and myself were greeted with 'oh look, here come the tourists' (we live two streets away) and were told in no uncertain terms by one patron that 'that's my seat'. When you leave somewhere having to point out your not interested in someone else's seat and have to tell the tourist bloke to F off, your definitely not in a 5 pint pub. I expected better from fancyapint. major disappointment.
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08 Mar 2010
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Me and my sister tried to go to this pub on 5 March and it was shut at 6pm. We'd gone there especially due to the quality review and were very disappointed. But we then found just along the road a bar called the Idle Hour, which I have to presume is what the Queens Arms is now. The bar was extremely pleasant, with good food and friendly staff. I would recommend that one.
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21 Jan 2010
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Everybody has this one right. Probably the most charming landlord I've met. Worth a trip. Can't wait to get back.
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21 Oct 2009
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The best pub in London. Fact. Visited it first on a wet, cold January evening after a trip to Fulham Football ground. Intended to stop 'just for one' (famous last words) and found the staff/landlord and customers so friendly and chatty, the real fire so charming and the beer so well kept, that i think i stayed for 6. No pretense, no try-hard attitude, just a pub where you go for a drink, a bag of nuts and good company.
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18 Feb 2009
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Absolutely awesome pub. Really friendly staff and locals, a hidden beer garden, classic decor. Definitely one of my favourite London pubs. Sadly a dying breed so support a great British boozer!

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