The Conquering Hero, Norwood

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FancyaPint?'s review...
FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Was it W.C. Fields who said: 'I like children but I couldn't eat a whole one'? If that's your view you'll welcome the sign here saying children (under 14) are admitted only if eating 'a substantial meal'. So no brats with a bag of crisps. Worth a pint already. This is a smartly scrubbed, smallish, wedge-shaped pub with an island bar serving a separate dining area, a small snug for grandfathers to play cards and the main saloon. Probably 1930's, its neo-something tankard-dangling beams, wood panelling and mix of padded benches, tables and chairs and some softer seating, all lit by stylish chandeliers works pretty well. We were delighted by the Deuchars as apparently a permanent feature on tap (along with Courage) and the regularly changing guest beers include 6X and Shepherd Neame. It's touching to see a small brass plaque marking, presumably, the usual spot of one Harry Wheeler who's own last orders were called in 1998. There are many worse places to spend your last days.
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18 Feb 2014
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Welcoming & traditional, a great place to while away a few hours. Relaxed atmosphere, family friendly with delicious Sunday Roasts and the best fish & chips in London!

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262 Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 3HF
020 8670 0416
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The Conquering Hero is a family run pub at the heart of our local community. Traditional, great quality ales, wines & spirits plus an ever expanding food offer of fresh locally sourced ( wherever possible)  food.