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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Finally, a refurbished McMullen's pub which doesn't look like they had two days and 5000 to spend at Argos. Previously bland but pleasant, it was designed to be anodyne enough to offend no-one. Now they've chanced their arm with a more idiosyncratic approach. It is clear immediately they have adopted a distinct Cricket theme. Cricket photos and miniature bats are scattered around the bar and the lights are made to look like cricket balls. Even the letters on the sign outside are designed to look like they come from a score board, as is the notice advertising lager, beer and wine (LBW - get it?). There are now a number of distinct areas - cosy nooks each side of the door, different furnishings throughout and a separate areas for watching the sport in. It works well. There are the usual three McMullen's brews to choose from (AK, Country and Cask) alongside a guest ale, all well kept. Food is also plentiful and cheap. If all McMullens pubs go for this individual approach then you won't find us complaining - once a pub interchangeable with any other, it now has enough character to be memorable and we'll certainly return when we're next in Enfield.
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28 Oct 2013
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On the weekends this is generally a creche for the middle class neighbours to show case their new borns. First birthday and christening parties are the norm. Quirky cricket theme, ok food and only slightly over priced lager.
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19 Jun 2011
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Although in the refurbishment they totally changed the atmosphere of the pub, pretty much killing it as a good place to watch sport (it was primarily a spurs supporters pub as far as I can tell), unlike 'gooner' below, I would have to say the changes are overall positive. The decor is very well done and idiosyncratic, and the seating comfortable. The compartmentilisation of the pub has led to lot's of nice nooks and crannies to sit in on a winters day, and the outdoor area, though small, is now much more appealling.

However, I would agree with the previous commenter regarding the staff - regulars/mates of the staff always get served first, and, although I have never had an issue with the guy myself, the bald manager guy seems pretty abrasive with some people- last time I was there he was arguing with a couple, who had mistakenly ordered the wrong steak (rib-eye; the lady couldn't eat it as she was pregnent) - he wouldn't change it as it had already gone on the grill. This level of service/contempt seems pretty standard.

Unfortunately, beggers can't be choosers in Enfield, and in my opinion it's the best pub in the area.
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08 Nov 2009
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A perfect example of how to kill a pub! Recently re-fitted, pity they didn't change a few of the staff as well. For years this was one of Enfield's best boozers but they decided to refurbish it. Flying in the face of conventional design the genius whi re-fitted it decided to compartmentalise the pub into small unusable sections where the table chair ratio means you can't even sit down. An assortment of whicker chairs and seats that must have been found on a skip make this now the most uncomfortable pub in Enfield.

Seems the staff and their friends like the re-fit as you'll have to wait for them to be served first no matter how long you've been waiting for a drink. There's a guy serving in there who's about as friendly as the Tallibann and about as good as a barman as a one legged blind man with learning difficulties. Not averse to arguing with customers, he seems to set the ambience of the Cricketers - miserable and uncomfortable.
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27 Jun 2009
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What a lovely place. Not the decor, which is nice, but the people are lovely and the (assistant?) manager Matt is a real diamond and ready to engage in conversation. I visited twice and enjoyed it so much I arranged the reception for my wedding as my other half and I were on a tight budget. The food was basic but the presentation and staff were lovely. Well done to the staff and managment!

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17 - 19 Chase Side Place, Enfield, London, EN2 6QA
020 8363 5218

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