Crown & Anchor, Covent Garden

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Crown and Anchor corner edifice juts out like prow of a ship into the waves of people flooding Covent Garden. The busy ground floor area is an unexceptional but decent enough space, with lots of standing room. Drinks-wise, the pumps provide three decently kept ales, served up by emotionless bar staff. If you find the ground floor too busy, upstairs provides a quieter, spacious bar, which is a great spot for people watching. Its large windows look down on a mixing-bowl pedestrian area formed by the convergence of Neal, Earlham and Shelton Streets. Grab a pint and a window seat and watch boutique shoppers, bargain hunters, theatregoers and tourists from everywhere ebb and flow below you.
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07 Feb 2013
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The service here is absolutely appalling. The waitresses could not crack a single smile once whilst providing service. Instead they greeted you by grabbing the menu's out of your hand before you could even read them and threw a tantrum when I asked them for another cup of tea. They eventually responded by "fine but this is your last one" apparently after 4.45 tea should no longer be served. One waitress persisted to curse in front of customers about the kitchen staff and repeatedly shared how "pi$$ed off" she was. However, who seemed like the manager seemed to find it nothing more than amusing. This particular waitress then stormed in and out of the pub like a spoilt brat.
The food wasn't the worst but was definitely minimum effort with the help of a microwave. There were no kind words from any of the staff, not even a "how can I help?" or a "thank you" not even a "you're welcome" they couldn't even stretch to a "goodbye". It kills me to even rate this with one star. I would recommend you walk an extra five minutes to the next pub rather than settle for this place. How these women were hired is beyond me when there are actually people with the ability to smile out there and in need of a job clearly more than them.
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15 Jan 2012
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If you want a pub that will ruin an evening out then you can't go wrong with the Crown & Anchor. Bag thieves love this place but the management don't seem to care. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. And isn't there a smoking ban in pubs too?

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22 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PS
020 7836 5649

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