Crown & Sceptre, Tulse Hill

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Nice to find a Wetherspoon which is actually a well-liked locals pub and not a packed out converted bank running out its beers too quickly. It probably helps that this is an old Truman pub and not a refitted bank or cinema, but there's a bit more warmth and atmosphere here than in most of the Wetherspoon in the middle of London. For this neck of the woods, a fine pub.
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06 Sep 2011
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It has got to be one of the better Weatherspoons in the country. The inside is a lot cosier then the airport syle decorations of some other spoons pubs. Though as mentioned it is just of what is practically a motorway, you would not know this from the inside. Nice collection of ales, which unlike most spoons pubs seem to be well kept. But alas its still a weatherspoons pub and you can't really justify going in there too often when there are better and struggling alternatives close by.
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26 Mar 2009
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A huge imposing building at an ugly junction of the South Circular that looks like the sort of place where you'd be offered crack on the way in. Crept in through a back door with some trepidation only to find a cheerful crowd of locals getting gently pissed on the cheap and lovely ales. Now I haven't been to a Weatherspoons since I was a desperate student, and had vague memories of them smelling of wee and being full of aged drunks dribbling on the bar, but the Crown and Sceptre was nothing like that. Okay, the average age was probably 60, but everyone was very pleasant and the only smell was beer and chips, which is perfectly acceptible in a pub. And there is no music, which was a blessed relief after the tortous gym boxercise music they were playing at the nearby (and vastly inferior) Hand in Hand. Though we did see Reagge Legend DJ Derek there, having a couple of pre-gig ales before playing a set in Brixton. Odd. But, as I've said it's a friendly unpretentious boozer and sometimes that's exactly what you need.

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2a Streatham Hill, Tulse Hill, London, SW2 4AH
020 8671 0843

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