Daylight Inn, Petts Wood

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
A pub referred to by certain local wags as the "Daylight Robbery", this place is actually pretty reasonably priced. Indeed it has to be, since the arrival of an especially cheap and nasty J D Wetherspoon over the railway bridge in 1995 marked the end of its status as Petts Wood's sole pub (shortly after the unusual, exclusive hostelry licence which it had held since its inception had expired). Named in honour of the famous local resident William Willett, a champion of "Daylight Saving", it's quite an impressive building taking up most of Station Square. It bears no resemblance to the pub in which we drank formative halves (or so we told our mums) of Guinness and cider during our youth, having undergone several refits in the last two decades. It used to be scruffy and dirty inside, but with a certain charm - nowadays, it looks like many modern pubs, though retains a hint of its earlier, mock Edwardian character (certainly on the exterior) and the leather settees and chairs are very comfortable. The beer selection, wine and food is pretty good - Deuchar's IPA for GBP 2.30 on our last visit. Unfortunately, the atmosphere can be somewhat ill-mannered and they have bouncers at the weekends - which is perhaps surprising in a relatively affluent London suburb. There is a somewhat less rowdy section, which used to be the designated non-smoking area, and it's not at all bad for a drink and a chat there. There is also a pleasant beer garden worth visiting on a bright day.
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27 Nov 2013
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Tuesday evening,popped in for a drink. A man, for no reason, called me a c**t and asked the man behind the bar in a white shirt, presumably the duty manager, to get me out. The duty manager took my drink (full glass) and thew it in the sink and physically pushed me toward the exit saying 'you have to leave now', very aggressively, without any explanation (he is definitely in need of customer service training). My feedback from customers at this venue was 'it's a mans pub', women shouldn't come here. Translated - women are not welcome. It;s had a bad reputations for years as a hub for criminal activity and trouble and that may not change but please respect the changing role of women in society!

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Station Square, Petts Wood, London, BR5 1LZ
01689 899901

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