Dove, Ravenscourt Park

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
A pleasant old pub on the river, a short walk from Hammersmith bridge. It looks like a good British pub should - situated in a narrow alleyway, a low door opening into dingy interior with nooks and crannies furnished with old wooden chairs, stools and benches. The pub opens at the back into a riverside terrace which has had a couple of extra ad hoc extensions. That might give you a clue as to why we don't rate this pub any higher than a three - quite simply it's almost always packed. If you like jostling shoulder to shoulder with people and doing the furtive vacant table search as you chat to your mates, then this is the pub for you. Although, as one might expect, if you choose a sunny weekday afternoon rather than a weekend, you'll stand a much better chance to relax here, at which point it easily becomes a four pinter. The beer is well kept (it doesn't exactly have far to travel) and the food is good British pub grub.
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04 Dec 2011
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Visited Dove on our annually "real pub tour" in September 2011. We usually stay in London for 3 our 4 days and manage to visit between 20 and 25 real pubs with real ales. By the way, we are Norwegians.
Dove was a very nice place and even if it was a bit cold outside, the moon was shining and everyting was perfect. It was a Sunday night and it was not too crowdy. They had Fullers ESB which is my favourite, and the atmosphere was fantastic. We usually don't take our wives with us on our trips, but if I will take my wife to one pub in London, this is it.
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30 Mar 2010
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The Dove was the third pub on our walk and it really is the very essence of the quaint British pub beloved by tourists. Interesting nooks and crannies, ancient seating in parts and a wonderful view out front (or do I mean back)? Don't be put off by the otherwise great review or by the previous comment. To avoid any possible over-crowding visit on a weekday afternoon, and you don't need to drink Guinness, the beer is fine.
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02 Aug 2008
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Used to drink there in 63-64, as a student living in digs just by Hammersmith Flyover! The local beer was from Chiswick - I stuck to Draught Guinness!
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14 Apr 2011
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
I was recomended this pub after a visit to Fullers brewery close by. Was here around lunchtime a Monday mid september, and had plenty of room. Food was good, allthough a bit on the pricy side. As it is a Fullers pub, they have most of their range og ales. As the review states: Easily a 4 pinter when it's not crowded.

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19 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London, W6 9TA
020 8748 5405

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