Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The proprietors had a great concept. Whether it was to cut expense, or a flash of inspiration, the place looks like almost no renovation was done to turn it into a bar. Even the original signs from when it was two separate wholesaler's shops (hence the name) are present. Inside, it's a stripped-down sort of place, with only pieces of artwork decorating the walls, old leather sofas in place and a pretty utilitarian bar. In the basement, a brick fireplace is the only decoration and the only thing hinting at the building's Victorian past. Its dark ambience makes it feel like a Beatnik hangout, only the Philosophical discussions about Sartre are replaced by conversations about haircuts. Musically, its a mixed bag: we've heard everything from ironic 80's power ballads to blues here, but it usually hovers somewhere in the indie section of the musical spectrum. Ultimately it's a great place, erring on the right side of pretension and one the better bars in Hoxton.
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20 Apr 2009
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"The staff genuinely are rude - they do not care about customer service and even the manager treats people with absolute contempt. I have never been anywhere that had left me feeling quite so angry. Given the fact I was not a drunk, trouble-making punter, but a 5 foot 2 smiling girl simply asking a question (I won't bore you with details). Having been in the industry myself for many years, I feel it a great shame that a space where the art work challenges your perceptions, seems to forget that it is just one in a few dozen on that strip that can offer that. Once the novelty of that wares off, there is nothing there to keep you coming back. I will simply take my custom elsewhere. Bad attitude, bad management, bad experience - A true disappointment!"

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34-36 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DA
020 7739 9550

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