Duke of St Albans, Archway

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posted by redcat on 03/03/2009

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A change of ownership in 2007 didn't save the Duke of St Albans and it has become the Carob Tree Greek restaurant. It never did quite recover for a terrible refit it received in the late 90s, when it became the clearly badly thought out Platinum Bar. Shame.


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13 Oct 2009
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I was a regular in the Duke from 1988 till 2004. From 1988 till circa 1994 it was a fantastic pub. It had a great community spirit and everyone was made to feel welcome. It was an ‘old school’ boozer with a pool table, dart board and jukebox. The rot set in when Grand Met Leisure, who owned the Duke, sold all of their pubs to Scottish and Newcastle. Prior to the Scottish and Newcastle buy out, the Dukes managers were on ‘Barrelage’ the more beer they sold the more money they earned. The food (although it wasn’t to Gordon Ramsey standard...far from it) was also an added bonus to the manager. From 1993 to 2004 the Duke had 15 managers and a various drug related problems..., this is never a good omen for a public house and it spelt the death nell to a once up and coming north London pub. Add to this the changing face of London...and its gentrification and the writing was on the wall for the Duke!

It’s a classic example of what happens when a large brewery takes over a pub and listens to accountants and not its patrons.

A big shout goes out to;

Jane Simonds and her family, Ex Duke manager.

Tony (stop emptying the ashtray on the floor!)

Tom and Mary, Ex Duke managers.

Doom and Gloom, Ex Duke managers.

Norman, we loved you man.

Simon the green grocer. One of the nicest human beings I ever met.

Sue the dog...still walking.

Old John...

Big John...

Big John’s dad...


Curtis and Gemma... were you just a dream!

Danny boy...

Sandra...beautiful mentor!

And all the rest of the wonderful personalities I met over the years!

Via con dios Duke of St Albans

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Highgate Road, Archway, London, NW5 1QX
020 7209 0385

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