Duke of Sussex, Lambeth

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This one certainly stands out from the commuter pubs and theatre bars of the area, being a dyed in the wool local's boozer. Both the exterior and interior décor are fairly untouched (noteworthy features being the piano and the old photos of bus trips from the pub) with a TV in the main bar and a pool table in the back room. In our experience however, the clientele is more mixed than that of the other nearby places and consequently an evening here can more interesting, even if its rough and ready appearance will be off-putting for some. Add good service plus a couple of well kept ales and we have rather a soft spot for drinking here.
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22 Nov 2015
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This is a very strange place this pub with a weird governor named Dave. This pub is a great surprise for all those who dare to enter it. Gloomy, old interiors with some distasteful deco - you don't know whether to love it or hate it. Strange customers, strange atmosphere. You may enjoy this place on one condition - you need to be drunk and it has to be a Friday/Saturday night when there are some atrocious karaoke performances. Generally speaking it is a pretty boring and depressing place to be. The area where the pub is located is ugly and might not be very safe in the evening or at night. This is a good place for bigoted people to visit though as local black residents tend to avoid this pub. Dave - the living in governor is a great fan of karaoke and likes to sing himself. He's not a bad singer for an amateur to be quite truthful - you have to give him that. When he talks and he likes to talk a lot, he sounds quite like Terry Venables and he even looks a bit like him - same voice and same cockney accent. He's been around so he's got few stories to tell. Ordering food if there is any on the menu at the time is not a great idea. This pub has never been known for good catering. If you are hungry, take my advice and go somewhere else. Be careful with real ales there as they might be of some bad quality at times. Do not be afraid to complain and do not care about Dave's (the governor's) attitude. This pub is not on my list of favourites. Been there few times and that's enough.
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22 Feb 2015
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Real pub, real landlord and landlady ( the duchess ) who brought us a platter of cheese. Highly recommend
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22 Feb 2015
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Proper pub, proper landlord and landlady (the duchess) who brought us a platter of cheese on the house, couldn't recommend highly enough
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15 Jul 2012
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15th July 2012.

Basic down to earth London boozer of the very kind that sadly seem to be a dying breed. I loved it! A superb pint of Seafarer was enjoyed and this pub was such a refreshingly authentic change from the general poncification of this area.

The Strange Torpor.

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23 Bayliss Road, Lambeth, London, SE1 7AY
0203 637 6121
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