Duke's Head, Highgate

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It's only just reopened so we'll have to get back and see what it's like now.
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15 May 2014
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What makes a Good Pub? Good drink, genial staff, amicable customers and (if there's catering) excellent food. Well, The Duke's Head has all four, therefore it's a Good pub!

The recent-ish refurbishment represents much more than a lick of paint and new tables and chairs. The entire offering has been both altered and upgraded. Now, we have a real drinkers' pub, with not a mass produced pint to be had. Lagers come from small brewers, beers from micro-brewers, whilst ciders are from small producers, too.

All drinks change regularly, so it's an adventure every visit. I said the staff are genial and that's true. They are, however, much more than that. The team are interested in what they sell and their interest, nay enthusiasm, infects most customers. They remember customers' names, as well.

I say, "most customers" for a reason. It helps be adventurous about drinks, at The Duke's Head. I overheard someone complaining that, "Your lager tastes like Real Ale!" It didn't and doesn't, of course! What was going on? The complainant had never tasted Real Lager, that's what! Used only to a mass produced product, the chap didn't recognise the Real thing! I told a member of the team that the situation resembled that in which a young child, when taken into a restaurant, asks for tomato soup, but then turns up his nose, when the chef-made soup is served. "That's not tomato soup!" says the lad. What's his problem? He's only ever tasted tinned soup, that's what! A trip to The Duke's Head will educate the jaded palate. So, whether you're a Real Ale (or lager or cider) fan, or have yet to be converted, get down to The Duke's Head!

The Duke's Head is small, but not poky. The food offering is well suited to a small 'proper pub'. 'Bell and Brisket' serve-up a range of bulging variants of salt beef sandwiches and salt beef based meals. They're excellent!

... and that's the word for the whole offering at The Duke's Head. It's, "excellent!"

Well done one an' all!
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31 Jan 2013
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An old bloke pub! As a younger single man I prefer to be with a younger generation.

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16 Highgate High Street, Highgate, London, N6 5JG
020 8341 1310
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We offer the best in craft beers and ciders from small independent brewers. 10 cask and 10 keg changing regularly; fine wines and whisky a speciality. Bell & Brisket kitchen takeover. Open from 12 every day.

Detailed Description

On keg: Redwell Steam lager, Cotswold lager and Stout, Kernel Pale, London Fields Wheat Beer, Sheppy's cider plus specials

On cask: a rotating selection from great breweries including Anarchy; Uley (currently London's only stockist); Tiny Rebel; Moor; Brodies; Magic Rock; Kernel and always at least two proper ciders 

Bell & Brisket kitchen residency serving great Salt Beef bagels, pickles, fries and seasonal specials.