Fox & Pheasant, Fulham

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Situated in a quiet mews near Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground, this is a brilliant pub. While its proximity to the football ground means it's one to avoid when there's a match on, the rest of the time it's a traditional pub that gives a lot of other pubs a run for their money. Okay, there's only Greene King beers on the bar, but the two bars - one with a dart board, one with an open fire - really are what the English pub is about. It's probably not been updated in some time, but that's most of its charm. And on a cold day, the open fire is worth the visit alone. There's an outdoor area which is a bit of a rarity in a mews, and they do barbies in the summer. Otherwise, there's a limited lunch menu during the week. As the previous reviewer said, it's an untouched gem in an area where most of the pubs chase after the latest trends; the sort of old boozer where it's no great surprise to find a signed photo of Britt Ekland behind the bar.
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20 Oct 2017
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James Blunts new gaff apparently!!
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21 Feb 2016
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Been using the pub occasionally over 30 years. Not on match days.
Quote earlier critic - albeit from a while ago '' 10 of us bought 6 drinks '' and were surprised to be made unwelcome.
I'm entirfely on landlord's side. They have only got so many square feet/metres available - and to give it up to cheap skates like that is a joke. Off to the Library you go. The pub is not big enough to support a freeloading clientele . Good riddance

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26 Oct 2013
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We are very disappointed to have to leave such a negative review but have never been treated in such an appalling way. A party of 10 of us came to celebrate a friend's birthday. We sat at some tables and bought some drinks (around 6) to begin with. The barman hovered around, then asked antagonistically if those were the only drinks we were getting. We were quite surprised as this didn't seem an unreasonable amount and we'd only just arrived. A few moments later the manager appeared and aggressively told us this wasn't a library and that we had to buy drinks if we wanted to stay. We showed the drinks we had bought and by this time the barmen had become very heated. They were insistent that we had not purchased enough and were taking up too much space, but the pub was by no means crowded. Trying to ask for a proper explanation we were treated very rudely. Upset by this reception we moved outside with barely started drinks when we were told to 'p*** off'. We took a photo of the pub to use as evidence of our treatment and were then chased away by the second barman.

We were an eclectic and unusual looking group, but acting in a thoroughly reasonable, quiet and unthreatening manner, wanting only to peacefully celebrate a birthday. We were treated with inexplicable hostility and thoroughly recommend avoiding this terrible pub at all costs.
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05 Oct 2011
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What a gem! An oasis of a pub in an area that loses good boozers by the minute.

only place in a mile radius that i can get the "warm feeling" a pub should generate.

the back garden could use some work but i am not really complaining. I just cannot give it 5 pints and it is the garden and the lack of London Pride that brings it down to a 4.

nice place to watch the Chelsea games when they are playing away. Not noisy and a nice footie talk is definitely easy to get there with the locals.

A dartboard is also something that a pub should have when applying for a license.

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1 Billing Road, Fulham, London, SW10 9UJ
020 7352 2943

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