Franklins, East Dulwich

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More of a bar restaurant than a pub, though the presence of a few lagers on tap caused us to stop in. Whilst we expected a a hostelry designed for the upwardly mobile residents of the area, we didn't expect some of the worst bar service we've experienced in a long time. On duty was someone who made it clear serving us was beneath him (look son, you're not Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail'. If we'd have hung about long enough you'd have been emptying out the ash trays and cleaning the toilets). Our barman then overcharged us for our round. For 1.80 we hoped our orange juice was going to freshly squeezed between the thighs of some vestal virgins; in fact it was just some Sunny D from the fridge. For all we know, the food in the restaurant could be fantastic. But from the service and attitude on our visit to the bar, we didn't want to find out.
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08 Apr 2010
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Franklins is a restaurant offering modern-British cuisine, and has a small-ish bar tagged on the front. The food offer is upmarket, and this is reflected in the prices. The ambience and decor is understated and stylish. It is the most sophisticated food offer in the surrounding area, and for this it should be acknowledged. Opposite, they have a farm shop selling organic produce. The bar area is small and often crowded, but manages to create a good atmosphere: people are here to have a good time, and to eat good food. This place is not about ale, or watching sport. And it's not service with a smile. However, despite not being everyone's cup of tea, Franklins is a quality joint with an authentic, lively feel and atmosphere. It's a high standard neighbourhood restaurant with bar; it's a little gem; it deserves a high rating.

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157 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8HX
020 8299 9598

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