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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This well-preserved galleried coaching house (owned by the National Trust) off Borough High Street serves a loyal following as well as the innumerable walking/coach tours that visit it. It serves a number of guest beers, including its own George Ale (brewed by Adnam's) All the usual suspects on tap and wines in little bottles of wine are available too. When the weather's good, the outdoor area's one of the best attractions of this pub, as it's a great place to sunbathe and people-watch while having a pint. The George Inn tolerates children and the function room on the first floor is available for hire. These are all plus points, of course, but in terms of a drinking experience, the George can be disappointing. The bars are often very crowded and it can take an age to get served (and then the service can be pretty haphazard), let alone find a seat. The George seems to be a victim of its own high profile. The cosy room at the far end of the pub, with a fire in winter, retains an antique atmosphere but the other bar areas have been modernised in a rather anonymous way. The historical significance of the George notwithstanding, there are several other pubs that we prefer in this area.
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13 Aug 2013
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Had lunch and a couple of pints here. Beautiful old building and the court is great for drinks on a hot day.

The food was so-so at best, but with an all right drinks selection. The staff was appalling though, barely if at all doing their jobs.
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30 Jan 2012
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As a local, it is a real shame that this pub is run the way it is.

Granted, it is a fantastic building steeped in history and is actually owned by the National Trust I believe. However, the staff are beyond rude and ignorant.

A group of 5 friends including myself had had a catch up drink and meal in Borough Market nearby which was lovely. We were having a really nice evening when we decided that we would have one final drink somewhere else nearby before heading our separate ways. Unfortunately we chose The George.

It was approx 10:30pm and so we knew there would be plenty of time for the one drink we all wanted before last orders were called. However, shortly after ordering at the bar inside, it became clear that one of the bar staff in particular was cruising for an argument with customers. He proclaimed at the top of his voice "Do not buy any drinks that you are not capable of drinking because we have a ruthless drinking up policy here at The George". Little did we know that were about to find out that "ruthless" didn't even go anywhere near far enough to describe the actions this person was will willing to take.

We moved to the large outside seated area and enjoyed chatting and drinking for what must of been about ten to fifteen minutes or so. At around 11:00pm, burly security men began wandering around the courtyard and informing customers that they needed to "drink up and begin to make their way to the front". This is usually standard practice across pubs in England. People do need to be asked to drink up and start making a move otherwise they would be there all night. However, it is not something that usually happens before drinking up time has passed.

The original member of staff who had been shouting the odds at customers at the bar earlier then began to do the same to people outside. He approached our group and began speaking to us all extremely rudely and abusively. When challenged he simply became ruder. Another customer on a table separate to us commented that she had never been treated this way in all her life. This "barman" then even became physical with a member of our group. He actually took hold of a female friend's arm which was clutching a glass or red wine and twisted it so that the contents poured all over the floor.

There were scenes of outrage as everyone was shoved out of the courtyard and onto the street before the gates were slammed shut. There were many customers who were angry and voicing their disgust at the way they had been treated.

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16 Dec 2011
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I'd say go, have a pint, have a nosey around, then go round the corner to one of the much better local establishments.
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16 Dec 2011
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lovely building but amazingly rude bar staff and bland beer - won't be going again
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11 Dec 2010
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I wholeheartedly endorse the previous comments - this has to be one of the most unfriendly and overpriced pubs in London. As soon as closing time approaches you are continually hassled by rude staff. While engaged in conversation with one of the security staff regarding their appalling attitude one of the other staff took the opportunity to remove my drink - despite having another 10 minutes to drink up. The pub also has an uncared for atmosphere - it did not seem properly clean and was not the most pleasant smelling environment. The beer does not appear to be kept properly. I can think of nothing good to say about this establishment and would urge others not to use this pub. As others have mentioned there are plenty of good pubs in the area with friendly and helpful staff.
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18 Jan 2009
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I would just like to echo the above comment. Went there last night (Saturday) it was rammed, nowhere to sit. Fair enough. What was intolerable, however, was the fact the security heavies started telling everyone to drink up at 22h40 on a Saturday night as the manager had decided he wanted to be out the door of the George, the lights off, by 23h00. I spoke to him, and aside from him effectively sneering at me and telling me he was the 'duty manager' and could close when it suited him, he said "look, we're shortstaffed by two people, and i've been working since 8AM". I asked him what difference it would really make to have given the 400 customers with drinks a fair amount of time to finish their drinks in peace and call last orders at 11PM and give them 20 minutes drinking up time. He retorted "Quite a lot, actually". And then went to on say that "what did I know, anyway, as I was under the influence". QED, really, being in a pub and having had a pint, technically I was under the influence, but clearly he has a distorted view of how to run a pub if he thinks he can just keep playing fast and loose with closing times to suit his need to get out the door early. Very poor service, there are plenty of better pubs in the area, and I would suggest to anyone visiting London to observe the building from the outside but drink somewhere else.

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