Grand Union (ex Hope & Anchor), Clapham Common

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
No more pub cat at this once dependable Young's pub. The Grand Union people have taken over this one and adopted their usual dark and sophisticated approach to it's refurbishment. The impressive back garden will undoubtedly becomes the draw here in summer months and we'll go there to review it when we can.
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03 Jul 2011
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What a shame.

This pub has all the ingredients to make a great pub.... except they are so tight!

I ordered a rose for the girlfriend when we were there last night and when I got it back to the table it turned out to undrinkable. It was either off (as we believed) or it was so bad that it should never been on the menu anyway. Took it back to the bar to be exchanged (pretty standard practice in my experience - keep the clients happy is the key here) but they refused to take the drink back. No refund, no exchange, no apology - and this attitude not just from the staff, but from the manager! We would have left but it was a friends birthday. Needless to say, they never got another penny from her purse that night, nor will we be returning.

Then when friends arrived at 7:30pm, they were asked to pay a £5 door charge. There was no special DJ or band playing, the place was half empty and it was half past 7 on the evening.

Get your act together Grand Union.
If a customer complains, it's in your interest to make them happy.
If the place is half empty, let people in for free. Even if it's full, 7:30pm is to early for a cover charge.
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05 Jul 2009
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Excuse the bad grammer and spelling! It was a late night!
Reviews (4)
05 Jul 2009
Not rated yet! - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Went to the new Grand Union bar last night and have mixed thoughts. Arrived for a friends birthday at 7.30pm only to find a queue outside and a bouncer who refused the couple in front of us to go in because "their name wasn't on the list"!! Thankfully the list appears to mean you just say "we're with the party" and you get in. Once inside the decor is smart although a bit dark and dingy. The beer garden is the real draw and with some cool huts and a large outdoor TV screen it's really appealling. Main issue I have is the staff who seemed to have been bused in from "Chavville" and who make you check you wallet when they've walked past you!! I can see that they are trying to make it a detination pub hence the rather pretentious feel but there is nothing wrong with being friendly as well. Overall thoughts: Great bar, wonderful beer garden but the overall we didn't feel that we were particularly welcome. Sadly - I don't be going again unless it's a lazy sunny afternoon beer.

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123 Acre Lane, Clapham Common, London, SW2 5UA
020 7274 1787

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